COD 2021: Sledgehammer Games Developing Free to Play Title

Prolific leaker and data miner TheGamingRevolution has managed to get his hands on some pretty juicy news, regarding a few different potential upcoming titles. 

One of these titles is said to be a Call of Duty game that will be free to play.

See what’s planned for COD 2020 by watching below!

Fortnite Building Coming to CALL OF DUTY 2021?

Upcoming Games

TheGamingRevolution said that the developers of Advanced Warfare and WWII, Sledgehammer Games, will be producing a free to play Call of Duty game.

Most likely due to the success of CoD: Mobile.

Which is also a free-to-play game and it grossed over $53.9 million in November 2019. 

Most interestingly, TheGamingRevolution has said that the game won't only be on mobile, the game is expected to make an appearance on PC and consoles too.

Not dissimilar to Fortnite which is on all platforms and is free to play.

The new F2P CoD is expected to launch in 2021, which hopefully means we'll hear something about it during the tail end of the year. 


Although we don't have any more news on this, we'll be updating this article as it unfolds, so be sure to bookmark the page!

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