COD Mobile Season 3: End Date, Season 4 Start Date, Weapons, Battle Pass Details, Skins, Characters, Zombies and More!

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COD Mobile Season 3 is coming to a close and Season 4 will be with us very soon!

That's everything from new maps and skins and more for fans of the mobile hit. Unlike Season 2, the new battle pass in COD Mobile will only contain 50 tiers but will maintain the same number of rewards and time to completion.

The latest COD Mobile update has gone live and you can see the details in the newest patch notes and in the latest community update.

So what is included in Season 3? Here are the latest details.

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Patch Notes

The latest community update went live on the 16th January as well as the update necessary for Season 3.

Although Season 3 will not go live for a few days, the details are there.

You can see the full patch notes here.

Players can now link their Call of Duty account, that they use for Modern Warfare. You will receive the Arctic Outrider skin for linking your account!

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Release Date

The official launch date for COD Mobile Season 3 is set for 19th January 2020.

Season 3 is expected to end on the 29th February with Season 4 starting on the 1st March 2020.

COD Mobile Season 2 launched on the 25th November, which is almost two months since its initial launch.

The season should last roughly 8 weeks, meaning it will end in mid-March.



With Season 3 likely to launch early in 2020, we can expect a theme to suit.

The theme for this season is called "The Future Is Now" according to leaks.

We could also potentially see themes such as Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year or St Patricks Day.

Shamrock and Awe has become a reoccurring event for Call of Duty and it would be a surprise not to see it appear again.

This can ultimately affect skins available and other customisable items. This was the case during Season 2's Christmas theme.

Based on the 'mid-January' comment, this seems to be correct.

Rumours suggest that the season 3 update will be released on the 17th January and that servers will go live on the Monday.


New Weapons and camos will appear in Season 3.

The two weapons that are included like the:

  • Chicom - Irradiated Amethyst
  • Type 25 – Geometry

In Season 2, we were able to obtain the Aurora Borealis variants of the M4 and UL736.

If you had the premium pass you could get the XPR-50 with the Alex & Frank camo, a Knife with a cool blue Alaska camo, and a Trip Mine that also has an Alaska camo.

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New Maps

With Season 3 rolling around, new maps will pop up, including fan favourite Scrapyard is being introduced to COD Mobile.

This is a recreation of the classic three-lane Modern Warfare 2 map.

It is a medium-sized map that provides plenty of opportunities for close to mid-range combat and promises plenty of action.

This will feature TDM, Domination, Search and Destroy, Frontline, Hardpoint


A new map called Cage will also be added. This brand-new map will be coming to COD: Mobile later on in the season.

This map has a deceptively basic three-lane design with verticality, open lanes for sniping, and a mixture of close quarters & mid-range options.

This will feature TDM and Sniper Only.

Scrapyard is the "first" multiplayer map tor release, implying that more could be added at a later date.

Some potential maps to also consider for the new season are Countdown, Pipeline, Estate and Seaside - these are available in the Battle Royale mode already and would fit right into COD Mobile.

It's more than likely a new weapon will arrive in the new season, despite not being mention specifically.

Battle Royale

Although there has yet to be any big changes to the Battle Royale mode in Season 3, a new Christmas theme was implemented into the map over the holidays.

A brand-new season of Ranked Mode is coming to Season 3.

This time around we a new Ranked Mode tile on the main page will allow you to check your ranked status in both Multiplayer and Battle Royale.

You can see your rewards, rank and all of the information you might require on your road to Legendary.

There are some general map updates for Battle Royale, a new class skill, and a few changes mentioned in the patch notes, the main attraction is the new 20 vs 20 mode called "Warfare".

This will be available straight away, it will feature:

  • Multiplayer style fast-paced action but in Battle Royale
  • Two teams draw battle lines and drop on their respective sides of the map
  • Infinite respawns
  • Loadout saved upon death
  • First team to 150 kills win the match

It would also be great to see some additional POIs added to COD Mobile for Season 3, the game could learn a lot from Blackout and incorporate the boat map Hijacked.


Zombies were first introduced in Season 2, launching with the map 'Shi Ni Numa'. In this map, we saw glimmers of 'Zetsubou No Shima' in the underground lab.

There are great maps that MUST be included in COD Mobile Zombies such as Der Riese, Verruckt, Kino Der Toten, Call of the Dead, Origins, Mob of the Dead and more.

Shi No Numa featured a few easter eggs and quests, which would no doubt be welcomed by the community in the future on other maps; it would be great if they were more along the traditional COD Zombies easter egg lines.


Scorestreaks And Operator Skills

A new scorestreak is being introduced - the XS1 Goliath.

The XS1 Goliath is a nice addition to the mid-tier streaks, requiring 900 points, to help you on your way to the Stealth Chopper and the VTOL.

Recently, the MQ-27 Dragonfire, a combat drone from Black Ops 2, was recently added.

Two areas that Scorestreaks should be added are the lower tier, (300-700 points) and the higher tier (1000-1600 points). Here are some scorestreaks that would work well:

  • RC-XD from Black Ops 1 and 2 (450 points)
  • Precision Airstrike from Modern Warfare 3 (600 points)
  • Reaper from Modern Warfare 3 (900 points)
  • Lightning Strike from Black Ops 2 (750 points)
  • K9-Unit from Black Ops 1 (1100 points)
  • Orbital VSAT from Black Ops 2 (1200 points)

The HIVE will also be added as an Operator Skill.


Battle Pass

The COD Mobile Battle Pass will once again feature weapon variants available to players as well as new characters.

In Season 2, players that purchased the premium battle pass could get Alex Mason and Sgt. Kamarov.

The new 'Phantom' character and 'FTL' skin from Infinite Warfare can be obtained - you can see the full Battle Pass information here.

The Battle Pass has also now been reduced from 100 tiers to 50. It will include the same amount of gear and will span over the same timeframe.

This Battle Pass launches with Season 3 on the 20th January 2020.

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What Is A Battle Pass?

The Battle Pass is a tiered system that grants items to unlock by completing daily and weekly tasks.

These tasks can range from earning specific medals in Battle Royale games or using a certain weapon in Multiplayer.

After collecting Battle Pass XP through completing tasks – or by purchasing with COD Points – you’ll progress further up the Battle Pass tiers and earn free loot including, but not limited to, Weapon XP Cards, Characters, Weapon Skins, Credits – earnable in-game currency used to purchase even more loot – Sprays, and even full Weapons!

There is a Premium Pass, which is unlocked with COD Points, that gives you the ability to earn more loot through a parallel tier stream.

Purchasing the Premium Pass also unlocks Elite Tasks, which offers additional ways to earn Battle and Premium Pass experience.

The Premium Pass will cost you 440 CP and the Premium Plus costs 960.

It has been alleged that the Battle Tier system will reduce from 100 to 50.


There are plenty of skins to be obtained via the battle pass.

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Players with the Premium pass can also obtain a new Type-25 skin.

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New Modes

Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire is a fast-paced and action-packed experience giving players infinite ammo, infinite grenades, sped up operator skill cooldowns, and faster-recharging scorestreaks.

This limited-time mode will be available for all to try on Season 3 launch.

It's also been rumoured that TDM and Domination scores will be increased for ranked play.


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