COD Mobile Season 3: Patch Notes And Update Detail For Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 On Android And iOS

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Thanks to Southeas Asia's Garena community, Call of Duty Mobile Season 3's patch notes appears to have leaked. Though COD Mobile Season 3 has little official information revealed about it so far, we're drawing closer to the release date, and the information is starting to filter into the public.

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So what does the new patch have in store for us? Here are the COD Mobile Season 3 patch notes

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Season 3 Patch Notes

The update time is scheduled for the16th January 2020 11am GMT+8

Ranked Mode

Season 3 Ranking will start after the update and will last from January 2020 to March 2020.

New ranked rewards will also, including Black Ops III weapons, Yellow Snakes Camo series, and more!


Ranked improvements:

  • An updated user interface
  • Improved matchmaking balance
  • Increased penalty for frequently quitting
  • Reduced point deduction for losses below Master
  • Hijacked map removed from ranked MP
  • Domination single round score adjusted to 75 in ranked mode
  • TDM score adjusted to 50 in ranked


Battle Pass

Battle Pass Season 3 will start from January 2020 to February 2020, which will include New Premium and free Battle Pass Rewards!

Premium Battle Pass price has been lowered and the Battle Pass tiers have been reduced to 50.


New Neon technology weapons only available for a limited time period, gorgeous neon special effects, join in Battle Pass exclusively!

Multiplayer Mode

New Limited Time Mode:

  • Rapid Fire
    • Faster Scorestreaks
    • Shorter Operator Skill cooldowns
    • Unlimited ammo
  • New Maps:
    • Scrapyard
    • Cage

Battle Royale Mode

Time and space have distorted and will soon reveal a new battle area

  • New time-limited Battle Royale Mode:
    • 20v20 Mode
    • Fast-paced objective-based mode that brings MP mechanics to Battle Royale
  • New vehicle
    • 2-person motorcycle - perfect for high-speed assaults and escapes
  • SMRS is removed in BR Sniper Challenge
  • New Battle Royale class coming soon



  • Controls
    • Added three new sensitivity modes and shotgun firing in control settings
  • CombatNew
    • Operator Skill – H.I.V.E - New operator skill that kills enemies with the use of traps
  • New Scorestreak – XS1 Goliath
    • Unlock this devastating Scorestreak at 900 points

Improvements and Optimizations


  • TDM is now unlocked at level 3
  • Return of Takeoff and Raid MP maps
  • Fixed wall geometry on certain maps
  • Added warning and death for leaving combat zone
  • Increased damage taken from falls
  • Added mechanism of climbing down the ladder
  • SMRS has slightly reduced movement speed, lethal range, and damage to Scorestreak
  • Adjusted shooting stability of S36, reduce its performance in long distance
  • Slightly reduced recoil stability of Type 25 foregrip attachment
  • Slightly reduced recoil stability of AK117 foregrip attachment
  • Reduced MSMC magazine capacity to 25
  • Slightly increased recoil stability of ICR foregrip attachment
  • Increased recoil control of AK-47 and reduced vertical recoil degree
  • Increased firing stability and animations of LK24, ASM10 and HG40
  • Deploying Transform Shield releases a high-pressure air blast that affects incoming bullet trajectory
  • Gravity Spike gives temporary increased armor effect
  • Significantly reduced charge time of Gravity Spikes, and increased energy returned by skill
  • Increased energy usage of Sparrow Operator Skill
  • Improved both standard and fast grenade throwing and speed
  • Additional improvements


Battle Royale

  • Improved Shipment and Countdown location layouts
  • Improved sound effects in cold areas
  • Added additional strategic ziplines
  • Increased damage drop-off of SMRS rockets at longer distances
  • Reduced movement speed while actively using SMRS
  • Improved helicopter collision mechanics with the environment
  • Airdrops always contain Level 3 body armor
  • Deploying Transform Shield releases a high-pressure air blast that affects incoming bullet trajectory
  • Additional improvements

System and Client

  • Slightly increased strength of controller aim assist on MP and BR
  • MP after action report UI improvements for final scores and team MVPs
  • Improved experience bonus from certain modes
  • Reporting cheaters may generate a follow up on actions taken
  • Fallen players can ping teammates to retrieve or use dog tags in BR
  • Primary and secondary weapons can be switched during match countdown
  • Improved quick team up option in lobby
  • As we are rolling out the new update, here are some of the events which will be ending early:


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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91