COD Mobile Season 3: Battle Pass Rewards And Details For Android And iOS

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COD Mobile Season 3 will once again come with a brand new Battle Pass, as players reach the end of their Season 2 rewards. COD Mobile Season 3 has had limited information revealed as we get even closer to its release.

Here's the Battle Pass information for COD Mobile Season 3.


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When Will The COD Mobile Season 3 Battle Pass Release?

The COD Mobile Season 3 Battle Pass will arrive on the same date as the Season 3 launch.

At the moment a release date for COD Mobile Season 3 has yet to be revealed. In a recent community update, we have been told that it will launch mid-January.


Based on past information, Season 3 should arrive on the 20th January 2020 - which falls in the "mid-January category" and 8 weeks is roughly how long most Battle Royale seasons last.


Rumours have been circulating that the season 3 update will be released on the 17th January and that servers will go live 3 days later.

What's Included In The Season 3 Battle Pass?

The COD Mobile Season 3 Battle Pass has yet to have any official details revealed, but it will likely feature weapon variants available to players as well as new characters.

In Season 2, players who purchased the premium battle pass received Alex Mason and Sgt. Kamarov.

What Is A Battle Pass?

The Battle Pass is a free tiered system that grants in-game items to unlock by completing daily and weekly tasks. These tasks can range from earning specific medals in Battle Royale games or using a certain weapon in Multiplayer.

After collecting Battle Pass XP through completing tasks – or by purchasing with COD Points – you’ll progress further up the Battle Pass tiers and earn free loot including, but not limited to, Weapon XP Cards, Characters, Weapon Skins, Credits – earnable in-game currency used to purchase even more loot – Sprays, and even full Weapons!


You can view Battle Pass progress by clicking the third button down from the left side of the main menu screen. The button shows your current tier, as well as your current number of experience points.

There is also a Premium Pass, which is unlocked with COD Points, that gives you the ability to earn more loot through a parallel tier stream. Purchasing the Premium Pass also unlocks Elite Tasks, which offers additional ways to earn Battle and Premium Pass experience.

The Premium Pass costs 440 CP and the Premium Plus costs 960.

It has been alleged that the Battle Tier system will reduce from 100 to 50.


Season 3 Battle Pass Rewards

A few leaks have emerged detailing some of the rewards that are available in Season 3 - these include:

  • "Phantom" character skin
  • "FTL" character skin
  • Weapon and equipment skins
  • COD Points


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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91