The best of the best Roblox games for October 2023

Here's a selection of the best Roblox games around, featuring the MMORPG World Zero.

Here's a selection of the best Roblox games around, featuring the MMORPG World Zero.
October 26, 2023: We added links to a bunch of new genre-specific Roblox games.

With far too many Roblox games (or experiences) to count these days, filtering out the good from the bad and settling on a definitive list of the best Roblox games around is no easy undertaking. A simplified development pipeline designed to make it easy to create the next big thing powers this landmark platform, and with it comes a whole lot of good, great, and questionable games.

But even if you vehemently disagree with the choices on this list, which will consist of not only the most popular (which generally denotes quality) but those we've particularly enjoyed diving into for our extensive tier list hub and Roblox guides page, we hope that you'll at least agree that the picks aren't badly designed, exploitative, or immediately boring.

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The best Roblox games for October 2023

Jetpack Jumpers is a new title that's already feeling like one of the best Roblox games around.
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Jetpack Jumpers

Before we go rattling off some of the most popular Roblox games around that any long-term fan of the platform will know, we need to give a mention to a truly fun little release—Jetpack Jumpers. It can be hard to find the best Roblox games in a sea of anime knock-offs and homages across multiple genres, but dig deep enough and you might just find a gem like Jetpack Jumpers.

Channelling old browser-based minigames or the legendary Flappy Bird itself, Jetpack Jumpers is a game all about launching yourself as far as you can. You're at a limit as to what you can do early on, but with multiple viable routes through boosters and buffs, the pacing is impeccable. Each jump—whether it lasts one second or one whole minute—will net you the materials needed to get just a little bit (or a lot) further in your next launch.

With the path stretching out in front of you and quickly changing in theme as you reach new heights, Jetpack Jumpers is an infinitely rewarding experience and one of the best Roblox games around right now. It may not be the game you'll come back to after school each day for weeks or months, but it'll give you hours of genuine happiness in an otherwise dreary time. Looking to jet off? Get your Jetpack Jumpers codes first.

Anime Fighters Simulator is one of the best Roblox games available.
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Anime Fighters Simulator

Anime Fighters Simulator certainly looks to be skirting the fine line between copyright infringement and homage, but we feel it does enough differently with its source material to be worth highlighting. It's transformative, and while that doesn't make it a-ok from an ethical game development angle, it highlights the talent and attention to detail of those working on it.

Anime Fighters Simulator stands out in a sea of anime-inspired games due to its pet-like battle system. Rather than embody a classic anime hero, it puts your usual Roblox avatar in charge of a small squad of these all-stars, where it's up to you to micromanage their skills to dispatch enemies. The environments are accurately designed around the shows they're inspired by, but most importantly of all, it's easy to find the fun in its objective.

There's something to be said about simple, effective game design. If you don't need a tutorial, you've done a good job. And Anime Fighters Simulator adheres to that teaching. As soon as you drop in, there's just enough material around to have you learning how to attack enemies, how to get new characters, and how to use their skills and slowly grow in strength. And thanks to constant updates and a recent rework, it's currently better than ever. When you're ready to rock, get your Anime Fighters Simulator codes here.

Adopt Me continues to be one of the best Roblox games around.
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Adopt Me

An absolute hallmark of the Roblox experience, no list of the best Roblox games around is complete without Adopt Me. This soft and squishy roleplay title has its players either take care of pets and babies or become a needy child for others to look after and nurture. That last part may sound a little strange at first, but it's no different from how a young child would play house with their in-person friends.

Beyond simply being a hangout spot for friends to collate after school and collect, trade, and show off pets and virtual homes, Adopt Me feels like the natural evolution of physical play.

At a time where faraway friends are separated by oceans and our neighbours are just out of reach, there's a reason why this Roblox title is only going from strength to strength. It's hardly an example of what young kids can expect to design on the platform built off individual creativity alone, but there's no denying that Roblox owes as much of its success to Adopt Me as Adopt Me does to Roblox. And where there's an avid playerbase, there's evidence of a great game.

One of the best Roblox games is World Zero.
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World Zero

World Zero shreds the iconic and immediately noticeable shape of its Roblox foundation, swapping out its boxy characters for more realistic models with more joints. And it's, again, enough for it to stand out on a cluttered page where thousands of other similar creations cry out for your attention.

World Zero is a feature-rich MMORPG built on the back of the Roblox platform. And one that's far more close in scale and quality to the MMORPGs that use to take gigantic teams years to make in the early 2000s. By not requiring a day-long download and an installation method mosts kids these days would be far too intimidated by, this instantly available and surprisingly beautiful role-playing game is something kids and their game-playing parents can share together. Once unlocked, there's a great choice of combat classes to pick and choose from, plenty of ways to customize avatar, and a world that's quick to join and easy to explore.

Unlike most MMORPGs that start out with time-consuming story exposition, tutorials, and a dozen or more hours of intro play before you get to the co-op, World Zero demonstrates the allure of MMORPGs within seconds. You have a bunch of powerful skills, each attack has weight, and you're free to join a low-key cinematic dungeon as soon as you press play. If you're looking for a wholly unique RPG on the Roblox platform, World Zero is well worth a look.

A screenshot of Brookhaven featuring a player-controller flying sleigh and reindeer.
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Based on its concurrent player count alone, Brookhaven is one of the biggest and best Roblox role-playing games around. It's quick and easy to hop into, even if it lacks the charm of some of its competition. But for younger minds, its dollhouse approach is perhaps the perfect strategy to approach. There's no hand-holding, and certainly no part of the game telling you what you can and can't do. You don't even need to work for a house—you just find an empty spot of land, click it, and claim it for a house of your choosing. Simple.

Deepwoken is one of the best Roblox games around.
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No list of the best Roblox games could be complete without mentioning this long-awaited RPG. Deepwoken isn't going to entice the fun-loving Roblox fans who came for Adopt Me and settled with Brookhaven, but it is the kind of adventure that could entice a gritty console player to give the "kids game" a chance.

These days, we tend to try to avoid calling anything the "Dark Souls of X", but when you're trying to appeal to that audience, calling Deepwoken the Dark Souls of Roblox makes a lot of sense.

Outside of its two towns, the world of Deepwoken is treacherous. Beyond other players who'll generally lookout for you, it's full of terrifying beasts that lurk around the corners that are eager to knock you into oblivion if you're unprepared or impatient in battle.

Like a Dark Souls game, the choice words muttered by its NPCs will only have you asking more questions—including pondering the meaning of life and whether you want to let it slip through your fingers as you approach your end—ensuring this intricately designed game keeps you coming back not to grind EXP and climb hundreds of levels, but to figure out what makes it tick.

A screenshot of Funky Friday featuring a rhythm action battle.
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Funky Friday

Based on a popular web game that was undoubtedly inspired by classic arcade titles like Dance Dance Revolution and the myriad home console versions that stemmed from it, Funky Friday is a real hit. This beat-heavy rhythm game oozes soul, mashing multiple music cultures into one easily shared experience where players can virtually dance in tune to their favourite Roblox music tracks and challenge their friends to spontaneous tests of fancy footwork.

Like any sort of music, it's capable of forming real communities. You can log into this each day and easily find the same few people meeting up again to talk, chill, hang out, and listen to some tunes. You can get started now by using some Funky Friday codes from our list.

A screenshot of YouTube Simulator featuring a character wielding a mini-gun.
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YouTube Simulator

Technically usurped by the newer YouTube Simulator X, millions of players still likely have a soft spot for the original Roblox YouTube parody. The original YouTube Simulator is a juvenile game littered with crude, tongue-in-cheek humour. Now, it may not be the most realistic portrayal of the struggles to launch a successful YouTube career, but its satirical, nonsensical approach to the trials and tribulations of content creation certainly make for a wacky ride.

Whether you're rapidly editing your latest apology video or pulling out a minigun that does nothing but spit out MicroSD cards of rapidly deteriorating worth, any second spent with this game will get a laugh from someone, somewhere. It's hardly the best use of anyone's time, but its flash-in-the-pan creativity makes it one of the best Roblox games around, provided you're in the right mood. And, of course, we have the latest YouTube Simulator codes to help you see it all.

And that's it for this list of the best Roblox games. For now, at least. With tools so easy a child can use them, there are new Roblox games launching every single day. For a finer breakdown of classics, see our best Roblox anime games list, or best Roblox horror games list instead.

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