Jetpack Jumpers Codes - Free Gems and Trails

February 7, 2022: No new Jetpack Jumpers codes have expired or been added since Update Five dropped. The last new code added was HOLIDAY, but this has since expired.

Looking to blast off with Jetpack Jumpers codes? We've refueled and are ready to go. From the makers of the ever-famous Strongman Simulator comes a new game that's sure to take off and jet into the Roblox Hall of Fame. And there's a growing list of freebies accumulating through its success.

Built upon a wonderful mix of silliness and skill, Jetpack Jumpers has all the makings of an evergreen title like Pet Simulator X, and keeping up with its codes will enable you to keep breaking records with ease.

Should you manage to pry yourself away from this addictive slice of Roblox heaven, check out our list of Roblox codes guides to find your next obsession. If you're looking for a sprawling RPG adventure, use our Slayers Unleashed codes, Adopt Me codes, or Shindo Life codes lists to get a head start.

All Working Jetpack Jumpers Codes

  • ICEBEAR - Free reward
  • Russo25k - Russo trail
  • RussoJump - 2x coins for 5 minutes
  • JETPACKJUMPER10 - 500 coins
  • 5001LIKES - Free gems

The following Jetpack Jumpers codes were last checked and confirmed expired on January 21, 2022.

Expired codes:

  • HOLIDAY - Double coins for five minutes (NEW)
Here's how to use the latest Jetpack Jumpers codes.
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How Do I Use Jetpack Jumpers Codes?

  • Launch the game
  • Tap or click the 'Codes' button on the left side of the screen
  • Enter a Jetpack Jumpers code into the box
  • Hit the 'Use' button to claim them

You can use Jetpack Jumpers codes without any difficulty at all. You won't need to reach a certain point in the game, fiddle around in scary menus, or even type them into the chatbox and risk people calling you a spammer.

All you need to do in order to use Jetpack Jumpers codes is log in, tap the 'Codes' button on the left of the screen, and type a working code into the box. If all goes well, hitting the 'Use' button will dispense sweet freebies into your account.

When Is the Next Jetpack Jumpers Code?

The next set of Jetpack Jumpers codes are set to drop when the game reached 50,000 Likes. You can help the cause by giving it a thumbs up on the game page with a verified Roblox account.

How Do I Play Jetpack Jumpers?

Although Jetpack Jumpers is officially still in beta, anyone is welcome to join in. Just find the Jetpack Jumpers page on the Roblox website, hit that big play button, and you'll be spat out onto the launch pad in no time.

You can upgrade your Jetpack Jumpers jetpack at the shop.
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How Do I Upgrade My Jetpack in Jetpack Jumpers?

To upgrade your Jetpack in Jetpack Jumpers, just take a left as soon as you spawn by the launch pad. You'll find two shops here: one for jetpacks and one for upgrades.

You'll want to keep launching yourself through the course until you get enough coins to upgrade your jetpack at the upgrade shop. Upgrade it three times and you'll unlock the ability to buy an even better one at the jetpack shop. Repeat this process until you're able to reach the end of the stage.

Where Do I Spend Gems in Jetpack Jumpers?

Once you've collected a bunch of gems by blasting into them or redeeming the Jetpack Jumpers codes above, you're going to want to spend them. You can do this by simply turning around from the launch pad.

Look for the tube with three coloured rings going around it and head towards it. There isn't a lot to buy with your gems just yet, but this tiny store will spit out a common, uncommon, or rare jetpack trail effect for 100 gems each. You'll find more trails in subsequent stages, though, so you might want to hold onto any gems you get while making your way there.

What's in the New Jetpack Jumpers Update?

  • New Pets
  • Bug fixes/optimizations

Although technically still in a beta state, Jetpack Jumpers Update 5 has released, bringing new pets and a bunch of bug fixes and optimizations to the game.

And that's it for Jetpack Jumpers codes for now. With the fifth update continuing to add more and more content to the game, the development team certainly seems interested in continuing work on the title beyond the beta state. To stay up to date with those, follow the developer's Twitter account. You never know: new codes could well drop over there.

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