Strongman Simulator Codes - Free Energy Boosts and Pets

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Image of a Roblox character lifting weights in Strongman Simulator.
July 5, 2022: We searched for new Strongman Simulator codes, and added a new one.

Looking to get hench? Our list of Strongman Simulator codes is a great way to get big quick in this bodybuilding Roblox game, with plenty of free energy boosts and even a cute pet or two to follow you around and cheer you on. Having a steady stream of free energy also helps you grow and become the biggest Robloxian in town.

This muscle-gaining title features a pretty straightforward gameplay loop: you drag around heavy objects to gain energy, then you use that energy in the gym to get bigger and stronger. That's why energy boosts granted by Strongman Simulator codes are so useful. When you're strong enough, you can move the objects blocking the entrances of new training areas.

But Strongman Simulator codes don't stick around forever, so make sure to grab yours while you still can. If you don't want to miss any future freebies, it's also a good idea to bookmark our list and check back whenever the game is updated, as we add new rewards as soon as they become available.

All Working Strongman Simulator Codes

  • season1 - 10 minutes of double energy (NEW)
  • HOLIDAY - 10 minutes of double workout
  • 400M - Double energy boost (fifteen minutes)
  • 100m - Double energy boost (ten minutes)
  • 5000likes - Double energy boost (five minutes)
  • 10000 - Double energy boost (five minutes)

  • 10m - Double workout speed (ten minutes)
  • 25k - Double workout speed (ten minutes)
  • 1500likes - Double energy boost

The following Strongman Simulator codes were confirmed expired on July 5

Expired codes:

  • Strongman - Rare rubber duck pet
  • 500likes - Double energy boost
  • Holiday - Double Workout boost (five minutes)
  • Chad - Rare rubber duck pet
The redemption box for Strongman Simulator codes
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How Do I Redeem My Strongman Simulator Code?

To redeem your Strongman Simulator code, just follow these simple steps:

  • Open Strongman Simulator
  • Tap the 'codes' tab on the right side of the page
  • Copy a code from our list and tap redeem
  • Enjoy your rewards!

What Are Strongman Simulator Codes?

Strongman Simulator codes are freebies for the bodybuilding Roblox game that help you grow big quicker. These codes often contain energy boosts, but sometimes you might get a free pet as well.

Codes aren't released at any particular time, but we'll be sure to add new ones whenever the developer drops them, so keep checking back to stay up to date on the latest freebies.

An overview of Strongman Simulator's central square filled with podiums, leaderboards, and workout areas
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How Do I Play Strongman Simulator?

In order to play this workout game, you just need to find it on Roblox. Open up the official Roblox website and enter Strongman Simulator. This reveals a number of game options, but all you need to do is simply click on the very first result to enter the game page.


Then you should hit the play button to jump straight into the game. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can also find the developer's Twitter account, Discord server, and Roblox group. These are all handy for staying in the know.

How Do I Get More Strongman Simulator Codes?

The best way to get yourself more Strongman Simulator codes is to follow the official Twitter, join the Discord server, or become a member of the developer's Roblox group. These options are a decent way to stay up to date with what the developer is working on and hear about any updates coming to Strongman Simulator.


Naturally, it's also a good idea if you want to catch every new Strongman Simulator code as they land. Roblox groups usually give specific in-game rewards and advantages for joining, so it's definitely worth becoming a member, too.

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