The Best Roblox Horror Games for April 2022

Screenshot from Dead Realm, showing a monster hunting two Roblox avatars

If you're in the mood for some scares at home and on the go, you'll want to check out the best Roblox horror games on the platform. Ranging from survival horror homages to co-op zombie shooters,

We'll run through what these games are, while also giving you a brief flavour of the gameplay, and our impressions of just how scary they actually are. It'll give horror aficionados plenty of new recommendations to sink their teeth into.

Elsewhere on mobile, there are plenty of other great games worth trying out. Check out our list of the best Android horror games if you fancy something outside of Roblox, and the best Android FPS games if you want to ease your horror-induced tensions by blasting enemies.

The Best Roblox Horror Games

Screenshot from Kampong, showing a haunted figure approaching the screen
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First on our list of the best Roblox horror games is an intense first-person survival horror experience from Rifly Entertainment. In this game, you play as an adolescent called Hakim, visiting his grandfather's mysterious hometown. When he gets there it soon becomes clear something isn't right - and that's where the scares start rolling in.

Armed with just a flashlight and three co-op partners, you'll slowly make your way through the village looking for clues about a ghost that only comes out at night - all while avoiding the Jinn, cursed demons that'll do anything they can to scare you.

With inventory mechanics and collectable items akin to the latest Resident Evil games, and some truly haunting sound design, it's one that'll definitely keep you up at night. Best played with three friends in a voice chat - and probably best not played alone in a dark room.

Screenshot from Dead Silence, showing a demonic face locked behind bars
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Dead Silence

One of the self-proclaimed best Roblox horror games is Dead Silence. It opens with a warning that its intense brand of horror isn't for everyone. That's no doubt true, as the game drops you in the middle of a pitch-black sewer, armed with nothing but a hammer and the knowledge that people are disappearing here under mysterious circumstances.

It's another intense first-person survival horror experience, reminiscent of the early Slender games, where a pithy torch is your only hope of salvation in a scenario where you're almost always on the back foot. As you slowly make your way through the game you'll uncover cult sacrifices, otherworldy noises, and a plethora of jumpscares. It's another one that isn't for the faint of heart - but that's what makes Dead Silence stand out.

Screenshot from Maria, showing a haunted doll with a springy neck
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Another game that places you directly in the shoes of a helpless survivor, Maria? is focused on finding the eponymous woman, who has seemingly gone missing. Your job is to track her down, and uncover the sinister powers she holds.

Even the pre-game lobby is intense, as you run through icy tundras into an abandoned mine, with the creepiest children's music you've ever heard playing in the background.

The main game is even more atmospheric though, as you have to explore the abandoned asylum where Maria was last seen. Cue mysterious fungi growing on the walls, hidden caverns to root through, and the lingering knowledge that the jumpscare-friendly antagonist could be anywhere.

Sound design is absolutely on point here once again, and those with a phobia of creepy dolls are advised to maybe buddy up with a friend before tackling this one.

Screenshot from 3008, showing Roblox avatars freerunning across a darkened store
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If you like Five Nights at Freddy's, but wish it was set in an Ikea rather than a decrepit toy shop, then 3008 is for you. Base-building is at the core of this Roblox title, as you scramble to collect furniture and craft your own defences. That's because once it turns night, the accursed employees come out to find you - and they aren't trying to sell you a new desk chair.

These silent, faceless stalkers will do everything they can to catch you off-guard during the night, and thanks to some impressive lighting mechanics, it's often hard to tell exactly what's lurking in the shadows. Strategy is more of a focus here than blind survival, but its mixture of horror and base-building makes 3008 a Roblox thriller unlike any other.

Screenshot from Resident Evil 2 on Roblox, showing the RPD hallways in Roblox form
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Resident Evil 2 (1998 Version)

It's still a work-in-progress that's slightly rough around the edges, but seeing Capcom's iconic survival horror classic transposed onto the Roblox platform is truly a joy to behold.

Rather than bringing back the entire plot and fixed-camera approach, this third-person Roblox title lets you traverse the beloved Raccoon City Police Department, recreated with a surprising degree of faithfulness.

While it of course doesn't quite compare to the original or its 2019 remake, there's nothing quite like exploring the RPD with the charming glaze afforded by the Roblox platform.

Familiar locations like the staff room and entrance hall will make any fan of the original nostalgic, and we can only hope that future updates make it an even more faithful experience.

Screenshot from Zombie Uprising, with several Roblox characters shooting at zombies from behind cover
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Zombie Uprising

This Roblox horror game is slightly more light-hearted, more akin to co-op shooters like the Left 4 Dead series. Alongside three players, you'll tackle hordes of the Roblox undead in expansive arenas, complete with individual spawn points, mobs, and a huge boss who'll charge you down without a second thought.

There's an impressive range of weapons on offer too, with assault rifles, SMGs, and a handy RPG to take chunks out of the boss' health as you progress through levels. The game rewards dedicated players, with daily gifts, loot boxes, and a levelling system that rivals a lot of mobile FPS games. If a more laidback horror-style Roblox game sounds up your street, Zombie Uprising is one to try out.

Screenshot from Escape the Zombie Hospital, showing green ooze slowly engulfing the player
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Escape the Zombie Hospital!

Another one of the best Roblox horror games right now is one that handles its brain-craving antagonists in a slightly different way. It's also pretty fast and loose with its concept, as more of a parkour game than a squad-based shooter.

Set in a hospital where its inhabitants are slowly turning into the undead, you have to escape with your life, while avoiding obstacles strewn across the floor, and green toxic waste filling the landscape.

You'll need precision to escape the eponymous hospital, as the levels can be devilishly tricky at times. There's a sharp learning curve as you come to terms with your character's movement and the distance between leaps, but Escape the Zombie Hospital never lets you rest on your laurels.

The moment you get a hold of the parkour, they introduce CS:GO-style speed runs, as you curve across walls and sprint to no end. It's an addictive Roblox horror game that you'll struggle to tear yourself away from.

Screenshot from The Vampire Legacies, showing three Roblox icons stylised as The Vampire Diaries characters
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The Vampire Legacies

If you prefer laidback horror games aimed towards a teen audience, then The Vampire Legacies is one to try out. Unofficially adapted from the hit book and TV series 'The Vampire Diaries', you play in PvP matches as characters like Stefan Salvatore and Katherine Pierce.

The Vampire Legacies won't so much scare you - instead, it uses horror themes and iconography as the basis for a surprisingly layered open-world experience.

You start off as a mortal making your way through Mystic Falls, before ultimately deciding whether to be a vampire or werewolf, ready to tear apart rival players. Fans of the show will adore it, and those less familiar will find something endearing within, too.

Screenshot from Scary Elevator, showing a horror monster crawling through an elevator shaft
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Scary Elevator

Back to straight-up scares with Scary Elevator, a last-man-standing Roblox game where you and four other players find yourself in an elevator where each floor is host to a different horror antagonist.

From the Imscared meme to Jason Vorhees, each level of this hellish highrise has something else to compete with, as you scramble to collect coins, and make it back to the elevator before you and your teammates are devoured.

It's undeniably less scary than some of its contemporaries, thanks to the classic Roblox aesthetics and the ability to play in third-person, but venturing into the darkness, unaware of which killer is after you, will be sure to get your pulse racing.

Screenshot from Dead Realm, showing a haunted doll staring down the camera
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Dead Realm

Nexts on our list is Roblox's answer to Dead By Daylight. It's like the most twisted game of hide and seek you'll ever play, as you try and make it through the night unscathed while a player-controlled killer seeks to do just the opposite.

With killers ranging from the Nun to the Babadook, there's no way you won't feel your pulse quicken when playing Dead Realm, as the manic rush to stay alive becomes increasingly more tense. It's again one best played in co-op though, as you can coordinate with friends to dodge the killer - or if you are the killer, take them out yourself.

Image of a Roblox killer watching a group of teens in Survive the Killer!
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Survive the Killer!

Last on our list is a co-op game that puts you in the shoes of the hapless teen victims of classic horror movies. Alongside a group of friends, your job is to hide in a high school as a masked, sword-wielding killer comes after you. Jason from Friday the 13th is front and centre of the game's branding, so you already know what you're in for.

Gameplay is similar to Dead By Daylight and Dead Realm, as mentioned above. Your pre-game lobby is the local campfire, as you sit around with fellow survivors before the massacre begins. Then it's a job of dodging the killer's advances, hiding in lockers, and fighting back when you can, in the hope of making it through the night.

There you have it - some of the very best horror games on the Roblox platform, sure to keep you up at night. For even more on Roblox, check out our list of the best Roblox games and the best Roblox Obby games so you can find something slightly less scary to cleanse your palette afterwards!

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