The Best Roblox Obby Games for April 2022

Looking for the best Roblox Obby games? Look no further. Obby games on Roblox are built to test your skills - and your patience - in a variety of fantastical settings. We’ve narrowed it down to the best Obby games on Roblox with a brief explainer pointing out what makes them so worthwhile.

From sinister dungeons to water parks of doom and dream-like obstacle courses that would make give a 3D Mario game a run for its money, there’s no end of Obby adventures to pick. But with so many to choose from, it’s hard to know which ones are worth your time.

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Mega Easy Obby is one of the best Roblox Obby games around.
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What Are the Best Roblox Obby Games?

Mega Easy Obby

Mega Easy Obby is easily one of the best Obby Roblox games, no pun intended, if only because of the sheer variety. Mega Easy has over 700 puzzles and obstacle courses to clear of varying difficulty levels.

There’s something for nearly everyone of any skill level, and there’s even an easy mode that grants invincibility to certain hazards. It helps the puzzle designs are quite good as well. The developers regularly add new stages in each update, and you can even collect pets to keep you company.

Obby Creator

Obby Creator is Roblox’s Mario Maker. It gives players an extensive toolbox to bring their Obby game dreams to life. Nearly everything you could hope for is here – platforms, teleporters, and a massive suite of other parts to build your Obby game however you see fit. If the wealth of choices gets a bit overwhelming, you can hop into another player’s Obby game and see what they’ve built.

Escape Prison Obby

The new Escape Prison Obby from Mega Obbies is crammed with traps, deadly obstacles, and edge-of-your-seat leaps of faith spread across more than 50 stages. The premise is simple: you’ve been unjustly imprisoned and must find some means of escaping.

Getting out is much more difficult, though, thanks to lava pits, precision platforming, and dozens of other hardships blocking your way. This is one of the more hardcore Obby games, but if you’re looking for a challenge, few do it better.

Mega Fun Obby

Mega Fun Obby has been around for years and has the stages to prove it. With over 2,000 obstacle courses to run and more added with each update, you’re never short of challenges to overcome. Mega Fun revolves around a fairly simple idea: reach the end of the course and dodge falling objects along the way.

What makes it really stand out is just how much variety Bloxtun, the developer, was able to squeeze out of the idea. It’s a classic for good reason and one not to be missed.

Super Parkour Obby

Super Parkour Obby isn’t parkour in the usual sense. It’s more like a series of 300+ Super Mario 64 platforming challenges crammed into one incredible package. Super Parkour Obby tasks you with navigating harrowing heights, taking seemingly impossible leaps, and reaching the end of each course.

Usually, you’re on your own, but PC users can sometimes use a handy jetpack to make a few areas easier to handle. Super Parkour Obby also gets regular updates with new stages, so even if you manage to reach the end, you won’t be stuck with nothing to do for long.

Escape The Zombie Hospital!

A game that you'll also find on our best Roblox horror games list, in this Obby game you're tasked with escaping a laboratory that's filled not only with slimy obstacles and deep drops, but the living dead as well!

With gruelling obstacles and the need to time every jump perfectly, Escape The Zombie Hospital! can be a punishing experience .Especailly playing against others though, there's a competitive streak as you rush to beat the people around you, slowly making your way through this brain-eating labyrinth.

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