How to get Huge Cupcake in Pet Simulator X

Image of a Roblox character next to several pet axolotls in Pet Simulator X.

Image of a Roblox character next to several pet axolotls in Pet Simulator X.
October 23, 2023: Learn how to get Huge Cupcake in Pet Simulator X easily with this guide!

With a fresh update to explore, everyone is wondering how to get Huge Cupcake in Pet Simulator X. Unlocking it is no easy feat, so we're here to help explain exactly what the Huge Cupcake is, and how you can get your hands on the biggest new pet in one of the biggest Roblox games around.

This guide to the Pet Simulator X Huge Cupcake will go through how you unlock this particular pet, as well as the special stat boosts that make it such a collector's item. We'll wrap things up by looking at ways to boost your chances of getting the Huge Cupcake, so the more dedicated players can all but guarantee the unlock.

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How Do I Get Huge Cupcake in Pet Simulator X?

When it comes to how to get the Huge Cupcake in Pet Simulator X, blind luck is what it generally boils down to. This particular pet can only be obtained through gift rewards, which you earn passively by playing the game. However, the Huge Cupcake is only available in the eleventh and twelfth tier of the gift rewards ladder.

It's not quite as simple as just plodding through the tiers until you hit those eligible levels, however. When redeeming your gift reward, it'll randomly select a number of prizes, with the Huge Cupcake being one of them. Its drop rate is minuscule though, at just 1 in 20,000. That's a percentage probability of a tiny 0.005%, so the odds of you getting the Huge Cupcake are understandably low.

Sadly, however, the only way to get this particular pet in Pet Simulator X is through the gift rewards unlock. There's no other way to purchase it, so it'll take a lot of grinding, and even more luck, to add it to your roster.

Image of a Roblox character alongside several pets in Pet Simulator X.
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What is the Pet Simulator X Huge Cupcake?

The Huge Cupcake is one of the rarest and most powerful pets in all of Pet Simulator X. With hundreds of pets available, the Huge Cupcake ranks very near the top, hence why it's so elusive and desirable. In fact, it's the single rarest pet in the entire game, with its 0.005% drop rate so hard to reckon with.

Of course, you'd also expect that the coin-collecting capabilities of the Huge Cupcake are strong enough to justify its scarcity. Details are slim on its yield efficiency given how few players actually have the pet, though you can imagine it'll mop up handsome amounts of coins with ease.

What Does the Pet Simulator X Huge Cupcake Do?

As with the other pets in Pet Simulator X, the Huge Cupcake is an ever-present companion that follows your Roblox avatar. It passively collects coins in the background while you play, to help bolster your wallet as time passes by. In terms of special abilities, though, the Huge Cupcake isn't too different to what we've seen from other pets. It'll gather coins at a faster rate, but it won't giver you any other sort of gameplay boost.

How Can I Boost my odds of Getting The Pet Simulator X Huge Cupcake?

Sadly, there's no way to augment your odds of pulling the Huge Cupcake through Pet Simulator X gift rewards. All you can do is collect as many of the spins as possible, by hitting those top tiers of the mechanic.

Then it's just a matter of luck. You can't even purchase the Huge Cupcake using Robux, proof that this pet is intended purely for the best, and luckiest, players. Therefore, all you can do is play as much of the game as you possibly can, to try and get lucky just one time.

That's it for our guide on the Pet Simulator X Huge Cupcake! We've gone over what this specific pet is, as well as how you get it. Adding the Huge Cupcake to your roster is one of the most difficult feats in the game, and we wish you the very best of luck in doing so. For a similar pet-collecting Roblox game, check out Anime Clicker codes and Anime Battlegrounds X codes. Yes, they are similar.

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