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Funky Friday codes (September 2023) - Free points and emotes

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Funky Friday in-game visuals.
September 21, 2023: We've gone over new Funky Friday codes.

Suddenly have the urge to be stylish and dance through the day? The latest Funky Friday codes won't make you a star on the Roblox stage overnight, but they can get you some cool new emotes and free points to spend on whatever you want, getting you loads of cool goodies without breaking your feet (or fingers) grinding songs.

Funky Friday is about skill, it's true. But you're never going to be taken seriously with the default Roblox avatar. Instead, claim a free Rick Roll emote and hit the stage. Funky Friday codes are incredibly limited. They don't expire, but new codes don't come often.

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New Funky Friday codes (September 2023)

  • SPOOKYMIC - Spooky time microphone
  • funkymillion - new microphone
  • 1yearscoop - one year scoop microphone
  • 1yearfunky - 1000 points
  • 2v2!! - Sakuroma microphone
  • CHEEZEDTOMEETYOU - Cheesy microphone
  • XMAS2021 - Candy Cane Animation
  • MILLIONLIKES - Radio emote
  • 9keyishere—Redeem for 500 Points
  • 100kactive - 250 points
  • Halfbillion - 500 points
  • 250M - 250 points
  • 1MILFAVS - Redeem for the Boombox Animation
  • 100M - 500 Points
  • 19DOLLAR - RickRoll animation

Expired codes:

  • No Funky Friday codes have expired yet.
How to redeem the latest Funky Friday codes.
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How do I use codes in Funky Friday?

Funky Friday codes can be redeemed by new and existing players as soon as you enter the game. Here's how:

  • Open Funky Friday and log in.
  • Tap or click the Twitter icon on the top-left menu row.
  • Enter an active Funky Friday code.
  • Hit the 'Redeem' button.

Assuming the code is active and you entered it correctly, a pretty obvious notification should appear above your character letting you know what you unlocked.

What are Funky Friday codes?

Funky Friday codes are your typical Roblox freebie codes released by the game's developer periodically. They tend to offer free points and emotes, so they're a good way to both make progress and show off your dedication to this popular rhythm game.

Why are my Funky Friday codes not working?

Be sure to check back regularly and see if the code you're trying to use has been moved to our expired list. If your Funky Friday codes are not working, it may simply be a case of the code

When is the next Funky Friday code drop?

New Funky Friday codes only tend to be issued for major milestones. As the game is already one of the most popular Roblox titles out there, it's getting harder and harder to hit these lofty goals. As such, we don't know when new Funky Friday codes might release. Just check back here often.

What is Funky Friday?

Funky Friday is a rhythm game like arcade classic Dance Dance Revolution or even Guitar Hero, except modelled after the Friday Night Funkin' web game. Players roam around a hub world and hop on one of many available stages to tap arrows and buttons in tune with included music either alone, with a friend, or strangers just looking to boogie down.

Rather than play through entire songs, Funky Friday players take turns playing through sections of each song in a bid to outperform their on-stage rivals. You can check out the best Roblox music codes for inspiration.

How do I play Funky Friday?

So long as you're logged into a Roblox account, you can play Funky Friday for free simply by heading over to the Funky Friday page on the Roblox main site.


Once you're in the game, just hop onto any of the available stages dotted around the hub world. Pick a song and difficulty and you'll be good to do.

If nobody turns up to join you within around 15 seconds, you'll go it alone. Your usual movement keys will become your dance moves during the song. Hit each button in time with the corresponding arrow and music to score points.

How to spend points from Funky Friday codes.
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How do I spend Funky Friday points?

To use any points earned through Funky Friday codes or songs, all you need to do is navigate to the in-game shop. You'll find this somewhere in the middle of the top-left menu row. Just look for the bag icon and give it a tap or head over to the physical shop in the hub to open the same menu.

No matter how you spend your points, you'll never gain an advantage over other players. Funky Friday is a game of skill, and no amount of points spent will ever allow you or someone else to bypass good old-fashioned practice.

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