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YouTube Simulator Codes - Free Items and More

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December 29, 2021: Checked for new and expired YouTube Simulator codes.

In need of some YouTube Simulator codes? YouTube Simulator is a wacky, meme-infested Roblox experience all about becoming the biggest influencer in the world. For one, you're able to amass many times more subscribers as there are people in the world. Though the latest YouTube Simulator codes won't speed up your path to becoming the king or queen of the influencer world, they will make the journey just that much more fun.

Unlike other Roblox games, YouTube Simulator codes won't get you climbing the leaderboards faster than normal. They're treated like easter eggs and the funny little cheats that frequented retro games. They can turn you big, give you an SDCard-firing minigun, or award you a bunch of multi-coloured drinks you can chug while you fire the aforementioned harmless firearm.

If you vehemently believe your free Roblox codes should get you some kind of tactical advantage, you might want to look at a few other games. The latest Shindo Life codes, Demonfall codes, and Ultimate Tower Defense codes, and YouTube Simulator X codes will turbo-charge your adventures. And if you want something on your phone to play at the same time, our Coin Masters free spins page can send you down the multi-tasking path.

All Working YouTube Simulator Codes:

  • Super Cool - free reward
  • BLOO - free reward
  • sprint - free reward
  • gun – Unlocks a gun with sound effects
  • minigun – Unlocks a minigun that overflows SDCard storage
  • ROOBYBUTTON – Adds a Ruby Play Button decoration
  • OBESE – Drastically increases the size of your character
  • FREEGREEN – Adds green drink to your inventory
  • FREERED – Adds red drink to your inventory
  • Milk – Adds milk to your inventory

The below YouTube Simulator codes were last checked and confirmed expired on December 29, 2021.

Expired codes:

  • DOUBLEJUMP – Enabled triple-jump
  • Spongeb0b – free reward
A character editing a video for their channel in the YouTube Simulator game on the Roblox platform.
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What is YouTube Simulator?

At the end of the day, YouTube Simulator is little more than a clicker game; the type that's easy to play and easy to master.

Though it certainly looks confusing when you first drop in, all you need to do is press the button prompts that show up when recording and editing stored video footage to amass views, subscribers, and money. Money allows you to decorate your studio and buy equipment to boost the rate at which your figures increase.

There is a social aspect to it as well, though. With plenty of other players roaming around, you're able to visit each other's studios. It isn't directly tied to the gameplay, but creating the coolest studio around and inviting others to check it out can certainly add to the fun.

How Do I Play YouTube Simulator?

As a simple little Roblox game, knowing how to play YouTube Simulator isn't particularly complicated. Once you've made and logged into your Roblox account, just head on over to the YouTube Simulator page and hit the big 'Play' button.

If the link isn't working, you can get to the YouTube Simulator page manually by typing the game name in the search bar at the top of the main Roblox website.

An infographic showing how to redeem YouTube Simulator codes in Roblox.
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How Do I Redeem YouTube Simulator Codes in Roblox?

Thankfully, you won't have to jump through hoops to use the YouTube Simulator codes above. Other games (like Slayers Unleashed) can complicate code entry by locking it behind the game's chat channels, forcing you to converse with others and interrupt conversations over and over again.

YouTube Simulator codes, on the other hand, can be redeemed simply by pressing the Twitter icon (the bird) on the left-most menu. Just type the code into the box that pops up, hit the big 'Submit' button, and watch the rewards come flying in.

How Do I Use YouTube Simulator Codes Items in Roblox?


How you use the free items you get from YouTube Simulator codes varies from item to item. If it's an equippable item (like the gun), you'll find this in your action bar where your camera usually sits. If you're using a keyboard, just use the number keys to access these.

For decorations, you'll find these in your studio inventory. Go into customization mode here and you should see them as either floor or wall decorations, which you can spin and place to your heart's content.

What's New In the YouTube Simulator Update?

  • 160 new cameras
  • 60 new computers
  • Four new rooms
  • Four new types of tokens
  • New chest with 10 new plaques

Is YouTube Simulator and YouTube Simulator X the Same Game?

Nope. YouTube Simulator and YouTube Simulator X are both different games made by the same developer. They both still get new codes from time to time, but if you see a code for one, it won't work in the other. YouTube Simulator X tends to get more frequent updates as well.

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