The Best Anime Roblox Games for April 2022

Image from Anime Worlds Simulator, showing Goku in Roblox form

Image from Anime Worlds Simulator, showing Goku in Roblox form

Anime fans rejoice! We've pieced together a list of the best anime Roblox games, so you can take your viewing habits into the beloved mobile gaming platform. With thousands of games and millions of regular players, there are a ton of great games a little too closely inspired by your favourite franchises - and we've listed some of the best right here.

Our list of the best anime Roblox games runs through nine games inspired by hit franchises that you can play on Roblox right now. We'll go through the quirks and appeals of each one, so you can find a brand new mobile obsession to get into.

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Here Are The Best Anime Roblox Games

Screenshot from Anime Punching Simulator, showing three Roblox anime characters powering up attacks
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Anime Punching Simulator

Genre: Simulator

Average concurrent players: 20k+

First on our list is one of the most polished anime Roblox games around. As the name suggests, punching is at the core Anime Punching Simulator - you slam with your fists to earn energy, and then trade it for gems. Grinding and embracing the gameplay loop is crucial, as the more you punch, the greater you can upgrade your character.

Keep on going, and you'll soon unlock new islands to explore and familiar anime characters to play around with. Anime fans will be delighted to learn that classic protagonists like Goku and Naruto are gradually unlockable as you play (though wisely renamed), which should be more than enough incentive to get punching!

Screenshot of a village from Anime Battlegrounds X
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Anime Battlegrounds X

Genre: Combat

Average concurrent players: 33k+

Here's another arena-based Roblox game that puts the focus on grinding through combat to gradually and consistently level up your character. The goal is to take out clusters of NPC enemies littering each stage, using the XP gained from those battles to level up and unlock new characters.

With over 120 playable characters and a veritable feast of combat abilities, Anime Battlegrounds X is the sort of game that'll keep you busy for hours. Combined with new arenas that you'll gradually unlock and a PVP system to test your mettle against other players, and you've got a verified Roblox hit.

Screenshot from Anime Fighting Simulator showing two Roblox characters clashing powers together
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Anime Fighting Simulator

Genre: Simulator

Average concurrent players: 8k+

Another game from Block Zone, Anime Fighting Simulator was released before its Warriors successor, but actually found more success in the long run. One of the most best anime Roblox games on the platform to this day, the game has garnered over one billion plays in its lifetime, a testament to how much of a hit it is.

In this game, you focus on constant clicking and training in a similar way to Anime Punching Simulator. You can slash, punch, and cast magic spells with plenty of variety. A bonus on other games is how many different playable classes there are, with their own buffs and combat specialities. It's a game you can easily sink a lot of time into, and given how popular it is, you'll be sure to find others to play with too.

Image of two Roblox characters facing off in Anime Clickers.
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Anime Clickers

Genre: Clicker game

Average concurrent players: 2k+

For something a little different compared to most combat-focused Roblox anime games, you can check out Anime Clickers. Think Cookie Clicker, but with more boss battles and character upgrades. Each tap gradually boosts your stats, before you rebirth to retain those stats for a restart.

It's very different to most Roblox games, but if you want a more casual experience that doesn't require an awful lot of grinding out combat, then Anime Clickers is for you. A new update recently dropped that added new bosses, meta balances and a bunch of bug fixes, so there's no better time than the present to try it out.

Image of two anime characters in Anime Battle Tycoon.
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Anime Battle Tycoon

Genre: Simulator

Average concurrent players: 400+

Here's another Roblox game in very familiar territory for anyone who's tried out other combat games. Anime Battle Tycoon is more of the same, focused on gradually levelling up your character, but takes more of a hands-off simulator approach. You look after your own patch of land, hiring workers, and boosting their efficiency.

While they're busy improving your plot of land, it's your job to go out and fight. Here's where some familiar elements come into play, as you dispatch of NPC gangs to earn powerups. You'll plod through to get more resources for your patch, as well as unlocking new areas to explore and enemies to fight. It's a bit deeper than most Roblox combat games, so Anime Battle Tycoon earns its place on this list.

Image from Tower Defense: Shinobi, showing a crowd of Naruto characters
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Tower Defense: Shinobi

Genre: Tower Defense

Average concurrent players: 2.5k

Unlike the previous games on our list, Tower Defense: Shinobi shakes up the gameplay formula by giving players a very traditional tower defense experience. You'll need to organise your forces and defend against waves of enemies, with anime stalwarts as your companions. Choosing from story mode, practice, and the infinite waves mode means there's plenty of variety to keep things fresh.

Even better, a brand-new update launched in February 2022, adding plenty of new content to the game. Xbox players can now join in on the fun, on top of new challenges, a speed boost option, and plenty of tweaks to keep that meta going.

Promotional image from My Hero Mania showing a Roblox anime character powering up a punch
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My Hero Mania

Genre: Combat

Average concurrent players: 2k+

Based on My Hero Academia, My Hero Mania is another combat-focused Roblox experience with a range of upgrades and powerups at its core. You randomly spin for a new quirk each time you load in, giving you a new power to test out in combat arenas.

Get through the levels and you'll soon unlock PvP modes, which is where My Hero Mania's competitive aspect arrives. Up until that point, you can explore the school first seen in the manga and anime, beating up thugs and taking on quests from NPCs. It's one of the best RPGs on the Roblox platform - and My Hero Mania is only set to get better.

Image from Shindo Life showing a vampire casting a spell
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Shindo Life

Genre: MMO

Average concurrent players: 35k

More than just one of the best Roblox anime games, Shindo Life is one of the best games on the entire platform, period. In just over two years it's garnered over 1.4 billion plays, and that many people can't be wrong. This game plays it more fast and loose with its Naruto influences, letting you become your very own Roblox ninja.

Similar to My Hero Mania, it's more of a Roblox RPG. You run errands for characters and slowly level up, bolstering your character's stats while taking on other ninjas, venturing to far-off lands, and fighting big bosses. To become the best ninja of them all, you'll need to complete a lot of fights, against both the computer and other players. It's competitive, deep, needs a Shindo Life tier list to keep on top of, it is just an awful lot of fun.

Image from Slayers Unleashed showing a Roblox character compelling a body
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Slayers Unleashed

Genre: MMO

Average concurrent players: 3k

Next on our list is Slayers Unleashed. Unsurprisingly, it's based on the Demon Slayer anime. It's one of the most frequently updated games on the Roblox platform, with new quests, objectives, and enemies constantly arriving.

From a gameplay standpoint, it's familiar territory with both PvP and PvE combat available. However, it's key appeal is the extensive character customisation, where you can change not only physical features like appearance, but personality quirks like your character's breathing style. It really lets you craft a warrior finely attuned to your play style, resulting in one of the most satisfying combat systems on Roblox.

Image from A One Piece Game.
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A One Piece Game

Genre: Combat

Average concurrent players: 15k

The next game on our list is based on the One Piece anime. What it may lack in title originaility, it certainly makes up for in world design and faithfulness to the source material. It plays like a lot of Roblox combat RPGs, as you grind to earn beli, spending it on new upgrades for your boat, and new seafaring rigs to boot.

Freebie alert: Our list of A One Piece Game codes

For One Piece fans, it's one of the most engaging and detailed recreations of the anime, and as such you'll definitely want to give it a try. With a vibrant fan base and thousands of players consistently diving in, there's no better time than now to check out A One Piece Game.

That's it for our list of the best anime games on Roblox! If you love watching anime and want to take your fandom to the next level, these nine games will certainly give you hundreds of hours of fun. Elsewhere, check out our list of the best gacha games, and the best Android horror games, for even more recommendations!

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