Roblox music codes (April 2024) - find the best song IDs

Image of a Roblox character dancing.

Image of a Roblox character dancing.
April 16, 2024: We've added new songs to our best Roblox music codes list.

Players of Roblox have near-complete creative freedom to change, build, and inhabit their created worlds. Additionally, it is not just the visuals that can be altered but audio as well. Roblox music codes have become a necessity for many players as it adds more popular tracks, anime rhythms, and meme songs to the already extensive list of beats.

With the latest Roblox music codes, you're able to spice up most games on the platform with some of your favourite tracks. Want to blast out 'Beep Beep I'm a Sheep' as you poke players with a sharp object in Murder Mystery 2? You can do that. Think Shindo Life needs a bit more 'Darude - Sandstorm,' like those ancient YouTube remixes put together by people who are now in their 30s? You can (probably) do that, too.

Before we get into listing off the best Roblox music codes around, there's time to rethink the game you're about to play. For that, check out our Slayers Unleashed codes, Shindo Life codes, and Project Slayers codes pages to score some freebies. We've also got some general Roblox codes for extra freebies.

The best Roblox music codes

There are currently many thousands of Roblox music codes out there. We've rounded up what we think are the best and most popular songs to play. If you want to look for a specific song, you can use the search bar on Roblox List.

Here are some of the best Roblox music codes:

Roblox music codes

142376088Parry Gripp - Raining Tacos
1837871067When U Coming Back - NoVocals
135308045sad violin
1837879082Paradise Falls
130766856FEED ME!
1848354536Relaxed Scene
130844390Minions - Bee Doo Bee Doo Bee Doo
130768088I've fallen, and I can't get up.
130760834THAT'S MY PURSE
7632147717piech1337 is still here
Robotic Dance CRobotic Dance C
130769318I'm Batman
130759239John's Laugh
2607544190when u die in minecraft
1837849285Night Vision
An in-game radio where Roblox music codes can be used in Murder Mystery 2.
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How do I test Roblox music codes?

It's a good idea to test Roblox music codes before you hop into a game expecting to use a long list you've picked out.

That's because Roblox music codes can, and do, get deleted. A lot of the tracks you can pull up in Roblox aren't officially licensed, after all, so if the development team thinks they could get in trouble for allowing them on there, they'll probably get removed sooner or later.

To do this, most turn to the Free Radio experience. It's a quick and easy way to try out songs you want to use elsewhere, but you're free to stay there and jam with your friends as well.

Using Roblox music codes in the Free Radio game on Roblox.
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How do I use Roblox music codes?

Roblox music codes allow you to drop just about any song you can think of into your favourite experiences. But not every experience allows for it. To use Roblox music codes, you need access to a radio, jukebox, or similar in-game music player. It's a key item that opens up the menu where you can then enter the codes to blast your tunes.

  • Once you're in an experience like Free Radio, all you need to do is use the radio from your inventory at the bottom, paste some Roblox music codes into the resulting menu, then hit play. That should result in your selected track being blasted out for all to hear.
  • Tap the little gear button on the same menu and you can build up a list of your favourite Roblox music codes to quickly switch between as you jam out with friends.

Not every Roblox experience will offer a way to play songs from Roblox music codes, however. Some even limit the radio to Game Pass purchases. Others, like Murder Mystery 2, feature radios and jukeboxes prominently in the hubs you drop into as you launch the game, but even that charges Robux for the right to pollute its game world with your favourite songs.

Using your Roblox music codes as you switch experiences really is a case-by-case deal. Unless you have an unlimited supply of Robux, don't expect to be using these in every game you play.

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