Tower of Fantasy Claudia build - skills, weapon, and more

Claudia in Towe of Fantasy.
September 16, 2022: We added the matrices for the best Claudia build.

Looking to play around with a Tower of Fantasy Claudia build? Here's what we know about the katana-wielding character in the open-world gacha RPG. The world of Hykros holds much to see and many adventures to go on, and as Wanderers, we're ready. Along the way, we will gain other characters and weapons to play with; such as Claudia.

Tower of Fantasy is an open MMO, with a colourful cast of characters, set hundreds of years in the future. You'll share your futuristic world with other players, and can team up to traverse the planet of Aida.

We're preparing for its release, and have a Tower of Fantasy codes page ready to go. We've got guides on more characters like Zero, Shiro, Lyra, and Samir in case you're looking for someone a little bit different. Lastly, our Tower of Fantasy reroll guide can help you get the most out of the best Tower of Fantasy weapons list. That means more than a traditional character tier list in this game.

Tower of Fantasy Claudia Build

Recommended Matrices
Alternative Matrices
Backup Matrices
Crow: Rendition (2-piece) and Samir: Just Kidding (2-piece)
Sobek Scheme (3-piece) or Pepper: Armband (3-piece)
Bai Ling (physical team)

Because he's primarily viewed as a DPS character, the Tower of Fantasy Claudia build is as straightforward as they come.

Aim for the two-piece Rational Liberation set to start stacking damage increases with her multi-part attacks, and the two-piece Crow: Rendition for the Fanatical Pursuit skill that massively increases critical hit damage against targets below 60 percent HP.

If you're not able to use those or want to run Claudia outside of a main DPS role, it's generally suggested to use the Pepper: Armband or Sobek: Scheme options instead.

According to some, the Bai Ling set can work in physical-based teams.

How to get Claudia in Tower of Fantasy

Claudia will be available through the game's gacha system to get weapons, but we don't know much about the potential banner schedule yet.

She uses the Guren Blade (Grievous Sword), and will be available to equip once you pull that weapon.

As is the case with any Tower of Fantasy character that isn't an NPC out in the world, Claudia doesn't always come with her weapon.

You can get the Guren Blade without the matching Simulacrum, but there's always a low chance you'll get both at the same time, giving you access to not only the warrior's moveset, but their iconic look as well.

What are Claudia's skills?

Each time a skill or discharge hits target, a damage boost. +8% DMG for 25 seconds.
+16% base HP.
Hitting a target with a skill or discharge applies War Wounds to the target, increasing incoming physical DMG +10%, lasting 15 seconds.
+32% base HP.
Hitting targets gives a damage boost, +20% weapon DMG.
Applies 1 stack of War Wounds to all targets.

We don't know too much about the character's skills in the game yet, other than Claudia uses the physical element. Along with the usual combo attacks that every weapon has, Claudia has a slam attack, and an attack in the air.

However, we know what her weapon stats are. Here are the buffs that you'll get as you raise the star level of Claudia's weapon:

Who is Claudia in Tower of Fantasy?

Claudia is a commanding and brave fighter, who isn't to be trifled with. She uses a one-handed sword, and can easily cut down enemies in battle. She's an SSR character, so may prove tricky to get a hold of.

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