Tower of Fantasy Lyra build - skills, weapon, and more

Lyra and her weapons in Tower of Fantasy.

Lyra and her weapons in Tower of Fantasy.

Looking for a standout Tower of Fantasy Lyra build? Keep reading. Though a build guide in the traditional sense doesn't quite work for this particular breed of shared-world fantasy roleplay game, there are a few character traits and systems in play here that allow for something similar.

The shared, open-world MMORPG has been gathering a lot of heat as players eagerly await its release across the globe, where we can jump in and discover what awaits us. Set on the planet Aida, you can battle, adventure, and grow your team of weapons and Simulacrum.

We've been preparing for Tower of Fantasy's release, and have a Tower of Fantasy codes page ready for you. Here's everything you need to know with our Zero build, Shiro build, and Samir build. They're three characters that rank high in our Tower of Fantasy tier list, but it's the weapon tier list that tells the whole story.

How to get Lyra in Tower of Fantasy

Note that Lyra is currently only available in the Chinese version of the game right now. Lyra will likely be available through the game's gacha system, but we don't know much about it or the banner schedule yet.

We do know that the banner features weapons, and that each character will come attached to a weapon you pull. Lyra will be a Simulacra associated with the Vesper weapon.

Lyra in Tower of Fantasy.
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What is Lyra's weapon?

When using any weapon skill or discharge skill, if your personal Guardian count is maxed, your Guardians' durations will be refreshed, and deal damage equal to the number of guardians on the field * 100% of Physical ATK.
+18% base ATK
Increases Guardian damage by 20%. Using any weapon skill or discharge skill while you have the Blessing Resonance will increase Guardian final damage by 15% for 10 seconds.
+32% base ATK
Triggering Guardian of Forgiveness 5 times protects you and your guarded target from fatal damage 1 time. Guardian will be consumed and restore 15% HP. Triggering Guardian of Repentance 5x protects you from fatal damage 2 times. Can protect up to 5 maximum times, after which one usage will be consumed to restore 15% HP.
Using any weapon skill or discharge skill will increase your final damage and healing equivalent to the number of Guardians. Each Guardian will increase final damage and healing by 3% for a maximum of 15% for 25 seconds.

Lyra's weapon is Vespers, a physical support unit that resembles a giant pair of robotic arms. They work as a sort of mech suit that isn't worn on the body, but floats just above. Here are the buffs that each star level of the weapon gets:

What are Lyra's skills?

For now, we don't know much about Lyra's skills. When she releases in the worldwide game, we'll update with more information when we have it.

Who is Lyra in Tower of Fantasy?

Lyra is currently a bit of a mystery character for us outside the Chinese server. We know she is a 5-Star, SSR character that uses the Vespers mecha-arms weapons, but other than that, we'll need to wait to find out more about her.

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