Honkai Star Rail builds list (May 2023) - Best builds for Seele, Bronya, and more

A character from Honkai Star Rail examining falling stars.

A character from Honkai Star Rail examining falling stars.

Being a turn-based RPG with live-service elements, progress in Hoyoverse's new game will linger on choosing the best Honkai Star Rail builds. With small squads, elemental weaknesses, endless combinations, and a roster that's only going to get bigger, it virtually pays to get your loadouts right first time.

Being a gacha game, too, Honkai Star Rail will look to nickel and dime anyone hoping to completely max out a character's strength. But by aiming for the very best build right out of the game, you can keep rerolls and energy system reliance to a minimum.

Honkai Star Rail builds list

Below is a list of every available character in Honkai Star Rail, alongside a link to a complete build guide, going over their best Light Cones, Relics, and the ability upgrades you should prioritize if you're on a budget.

We'll be adding more and more Star Rail build guides as time goes on. Until we have more to show, check out the Honkai Star Rail codes list for a bunch of freebies that might just get you a character high on the Honkai Star Rail tier list from the current banners.

Twitch drops can help with that, too, but you'll still be at the mercy of the Star Rail pity system at the end of the day.

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