Honkai Star Rail Herta build (October 2023)

Herta in Honkai Star Rail.

Herta in Honkai Star Rail.

Looking for an updated Honkai Star Rail Herta build? She's the puppetmaster no mob will want to deal with willingly. Being a powerful Ice damage dealer in Honkai Star Rail, she's one of the most consistent characters when it comes to freezing enemies.

While Herta can function as a primary DPS, she's best used as a sub-DPS unit with high energy regeneration. She pairs nicely with strong DPS characters from the Hunt or Destruction paths by way of a freeze-shatter team. With that in mind, she's designed to take on waves of enemies, leaving her single-target effectiveness in question.

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How to get Herta in Honkai Star Rail

Given her usefullness in wave-based combat, it made sense for Herta to be rewarded as part of the Simulated Universe unlock process during the closed beta.

From release, however, the only way to get Herta is through dumb luck in any banner. Being a four-star character, there's a chance she'll be rate-up in future limited-time five-star banners or given away for free in other ways. So don't give up.

Herta in Honkai Star Rail.
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The best Honkai Star Rail Herta build

The following build is for Bailu. You can find more Honkai Star Rail builds on our dedicated hub page.

To optimise Herta’s damage, you want to increase her Ice damage and she also needs a fair bit of energy regeneration to ensure her ultimate is available every time the cooldown ends.

Best Light Cone for Herta

Herta has her best-in-slot Light Cone called Birth of the Self, and it is arguably her best option. If you want to sacrifice a bit of her support capabilities and want to maximise her damage, you can go for the Before Dawn Light Cone, which greatly increases her crit stats and attack damage. The Seriousness of Breakfast is also a solid contender if you do not have the previously mentioned Light Cones.

The Birth of the Self

Increases DMG dealt by the wearer's follow-up attacks by 24%. If the current HP of the target enemy is below 50% of Max HP, increases DMG dealt by follow-up attacks by an extra 24%.

Before Dawn

Increases the wearer's CRIT DMG by 32%. Increases the wearer's Skill and Ultimate DMG by 20%. After the wearer uses their Skill or Ultimate, they gain Somnus Corpus. Upon triggering a follow-up attack, Somnus Corpus will be consumed and the follow-up attack DMG increases by 48%.

The Seriousness of Breakfast

Increases the wearer's DMG by 12%. For every defeated enemy, the wearer's ATK increases by 4%, stacking up to four times.

Best relics for Herta

The Hunter of Glacial Forest relic set is Herta’s best option, as it greatly improves her crit stats and Ice damage. Alternatively, you can go for the Musketeer of Wild Wheat set, which enhances her attack power and speed.

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Hunter of Glacial Forest

  • 2-Piece Bonus: Increases Ice DMG by 10%.
  • 4-Piece Bonus: After the wearer unleashes their Ultimate, their CRIT DMG increases by 25% for two turn(s).

Musketeer of Wild Wheat

  • 2-Piece Bonus: ATK increases by 10%.
  • 4-Piece Bonus: The wearer's SPD increases by 6% and Basic ATK DMG increases by 10%.

Farming relics in the early game is not recommended and you should wait for your Trailblaze level to increase for better drop rates.

What are Herta’s abilities?

Herta’s Trace 3 is one of her biggest power spikes, and you should try to increase her ascension levels as quickly as possible to unlock it. If you have a team with decent Freeze uptime, she will deal massive amounts of damage with her ultimate.

Basic Attack
Deals Ice DMG equal to 50% of Herta's ATK to a single enemy.
Deals Ice DMG equal to 50% of Herta's ATK to all enemies. If the enemy's HP is at 50% of their Max HP or higher, DMG dealt to this target increases by 20%.
Deals Ice DMG equal to 120% of Herta's ATK to all enemies.
When an ally's attack causes an enemy's HP to fall to 50% of their Max HP or lower, Herta will launch a follow-up attack, dealing Ice DMG equal to 25% of Herta's ATK to all enemies.
After using her Technique, Herta's ATK increases by 40% for 3 turn(s) in the next battle.
Trace 1
The DMG Boost effect of Herta's Skill on enemies with high HP increases by an additional 25%.
Trace 2
Herta's RES to Crowd Control debuffs increases by 35%.
Trace 3
Herta's Ultimate deals 20% more damage to Frozen enemies.

What are Herta’s Eidolons?

Eidolon Level
Level 1
If the enemy's HP is at 50% of their Max HP or less, Herta's Basic ATK deals additional Ice DMG equal to 20% of Herta's ATK.
Level 2
Herta's CRIT Rate increases by 3% every time her Talent is triggered.
Level 3
Skill Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Basic ATK Lv. +1, up to a maximum of Lv. 10.
Level 4
Herta's DMG increases by 10% when her Talent is triggered.
Level 5
Ultimate Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15. Talent Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
Level 6
After using Herta's Ultimate, her ATK increases by 25% for 1 turn(s).

The Eidolon system in Honkai Star Rail works similarly to Constellations in Genshin Impact. After you obtain a copy of a character, you can choose to wish for additional copies of a character for increases to their power level.

Herta’s Eidolons are very potent, but going for Eidolons as a new player is not recommended. You should ensure that you have a synergistic roster of characters and some great Light Cones to equip your characters. If you do want to go for Eidolons for Herta, the Level 2 Eidolon offers her a massive power spike when you are taking on hordes of enemies.

Herta is an excellent character, but you need other Ice units in your party to ensure you have enough Freeze uptime. Pairing Herta with the right units can let you freeze enemies and render them helpless.

That is all you need to know about Herta’s build. For more Honkai Star Rail content, do check out our guide on how to obtain Honkai Star Rail Twitch drops. We also have a list of Honkai Star Rail codes that you can use to grab some free Stellar Jades.

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