Honkai Star Rail tier list (March 2024) - Best characters for launch

The character Himeko in Honkai Star Rail.

The character Himeko in Honkai Star Rail.
March 29, 2024: We're working to update our Star Rail tier list. If you're just getting started, follow the Honkai Star Rail reroll steps to Warp only the best characters.

Struggling with a boss? Not sure if your team composition is optimal? Just not sure who to pull for? That's why this Honkai Star Rail tier list exists. Honkai Star Rail has a gacha system, and unless you're spending money or happen to be extremely lucky, it can be very difficult to obtain every character in the game.

With so many characters getting noteworthy tweaks from beta to launch, a top-tier character from the testing days may no longer be worth the struggle. Likewise, a few of the characters in the tier list aren't actually available in 1.0. To find out who, check the Honkai Star Rail banners page.

Honkai Star Rail tier list (March 2024)

Here is our updated Honkai Star Rail tier list for May 2023, which ranks the best characters in the game:

Honkai Star Rail tier list


Jingliu – Destruction & Ice
Argenti – Erudition & Physical


Qingque – Erudition & Quantum
Blade – Destruction & Wind


Himeko – Erudition & Fire
Qingque – Erudition & Quantum


Dr. Ratio – Hunt & Imaginary
Hook – Destruction & Fire


Arlan – Destruction & Lightning
Arlan – Destruction & Lightning

The release of new characters can lead to new synergies and may shake things up in the tier list. We also rated the characters without considering any Eidolons.

Most players will not go for additional copies, and we wanted the list to be representative of what the meta looks like at Eidolon 0 instead of Eidolon 6.

Best Honkai Star Rail characters

Here is a quick summary of all of our S-tier characters, in case you are interested in pulling for them.

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Gepard is a very tanky sub-DPS character. He can freeze enemies and also shield teammates, which can be very valuable in difficult levels. His damage might not be on par with on-field DPS characters, but he feels like an all-rounder who can do it all.


Himeko can deal massive damage over time, and is one of the best DPS units in the game. She is excellent at AoE damage and if you want to mow down large groups of enemies as quickly as possible, she is one of the go-to characters.


Clara is a Physical damage dealer who can also act as a tank for the team. She has a counterattack mechanic that makes her very fun to play, and she can also taunt enemies to draw aggro on herself, making her kit extremely valuable when it comes to protecting squishy units.


Luocha is currently the best support in the game, and can heal as well as remove debuffs from any of your units. His healing scales with ATK instead of HP, which makes it easy for players to build him for dealing a decent amount of damage. He is definitely a must-have unit if you are looking for support who can carry you into the late game.

We hope our Honkai Star Rail tier list helps you find the best characters for your roster. If you want more content from Hoyoverse’s games, consider checking out our Honkai Impact 3rd tier list and Genshin Impact tier list.

For even more, remember to redeem all the available Honkai Star Rail codes and Honkai Star Rail builds to perfect your team. If you want to know more about the game's playable units, you should check out our Honkai Star Rail characters list.

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