Honkai Star Rail Clara build (April 2023) - Best light cones, relics, and abilities

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April 25, 2023: We'll be updating this pre-Alpha guide with a proper Clara build in line with our other Honkai Star Rail builds soon.

Honkai: Star Rail doesn't have an exact release date yet, but there are many characters with very in-depth biographies and will most likely have complex builds. They also all have their own unique abilities and skills which make them all different characters with uses for different situations. This guide will be focusing on Honkai Star Rail Clara build.

Honkai: Star Rail is one of the newest additions to MiHoYo's collection of games and one of two due to come out. They are yet to announce a date for it to be released. Honkai: Star Rail is a sequel to Honkai Impact 3rd, and will continue the story on in this game.

Who is Clara?

Clara is known as The Bloody Rabbit, a girl with no home. She joined the prospectors to survive, as she had no other choice. Without realising, she activated an ancient relic from past civilization - the robot Svarog. They then served under the robot Svarog. Clara was seen as a red-hooded specter who was good at receiving rare relics from the most dangerous places.

Clara in the menu screen, Honkai: Star Rail
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Clara Honkai: Star Rail

What are Clara's skills?

Clara has three skills, one talent, and one technique. She deals physical damage only.

I Want To Help

This is Clara's normal attack. It's also her single attack. She deals 50% of her ATK as physical DMG to a target enemy.

Svarog Watches Over You

This is Clara's skill and AoE attack. She deals 150% of Clara's ATK as physical DMG to all enemies marked with Svarog's Mark of Retaliation. When there is more than one enemy marked, it increases this skill's total DMG multiplier by 90% for each extra enemy marked. This skill will remove any Marks of Retaliation and can't be used if there are no enemies marked.

Promise, Not Command

This is Clara's Ultimate. Svarog enters Burst mode, reloading ammunition and resetting its Counter count. After using an Ultimate, greatly increases the chance Clara will be attacked by enemies but her DMG taken will be reduced by 15%. Additionally, after Clara has been attacked, Svarog will Counter with an increased DMG multiplier of 25%. This effect lasts for two turns or until there is no more Counter count left.

Clara's talent

Clara's talent is a passive named Because We're Family. Under the protection of Svarog, Clara's DMG taken will be reduced by 15%. Svarog will mark enemies who attack Clara with Marks of Retaliation and will then have a 40% chance of Countering, dealing 75% of Clara's ATK as Physical DMG. Svarog can counter up to three times.

Clara's technique

Clara has a single target technique named Small Price For Victory. When she enters a battle using a technique, her chance of being attacked will be increased for two turns.

How to build Clara


At the moment, we aren't sure how to properly build Clara at the moment, as we don't have access to the gameplay that tells us what exact items work the best on Clara.

However, we can tell you the basic items that they need. To build any character, they will need a Light Cone, which is the equipable item of the game. There will also be traces, which will be the character's skill tree, and finally, there are six relics, which are similar to artifacts from Genshin Impact.

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