Honkai Star Rail Natasha build (April 2023) - Best light cones, relics, and abilities

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April 25, 2023: We'll be updating this pre-Alpha guide with a proper Natasha build in line with our other Honkai Star Rail builds soon.

Natasha is one of the many characters in Honkai: Star Rail who will also have their own unique abilities, talents, and techniques. A truly great Honkai Star Rail Natasha build will slip many by who're content with her typical kit, but we've got you covered with a build that will see her excel and really take one for the team.

If you're looking to main Natasha, we will give you the lowdown on her abilities, what kind of character she is, what damage she deals, and how to build her so she is at the maximum efficiency. The information is still relatively new as the game is in beta, so there may be some changes made over time, but for now, this information is accurate.

Who Is Natasha?

Natasha comes from an Underworld city named Belobog. She is a doctor there and is often seen as attentive and popular with her patients. There aren't many medical resources in the Underworld, but Natasha is very resourceful and finds a way to make it work.

Natasha's menu screen in Honkai: Star Rail
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Natasha Honkai: Star Rail

What Are Natasha's Skills?

Behind The Kindness is Natasha's normal attack which is a single target attack. She deals 50% of her ATK as physical damage to the target.

Love, Heal and Choose is her skill. She heals a target ally for 12% of her own max HP+60, and heals them for another 9% of her max HP+45 at the start of each turn for two turns.

Gift of Rebirth is Natasha's ultimate. She heals all allies for 15% of her max HP+75.

What Is Natasha's Talent?

Innervation is Natasha's talent. It's a passive talent, where it increases Natasha's outgoing healing by 25% to allies below 30% of max HP.

What Is Natasha's Technique?

Hypnosis Research is Natasha's technique. It is an impairing technique. When she enters battle, there is a 100% base chance that she will inflict Weaken on all enemies, reducing their damage by 30% for one turn.


How to build Natasha

At the moment, there is no exact right way to build Natasha. You'll want to choose items that enhance her healing, or boost her HP, as a lot of her build revolves around her being a healer rather than a DPS. As well, her healing relies on her having a high HP level. To build a character, you need a Light Cone, you need to choose six relics, and you need to follow her traces skill tree.

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