Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf build (October 2023)

Splash art for Silver Wolf from Honkai Star Rail, showing her tapping buttons in the air surrounded by chibi versions of other characters.

Splash art for Silver Wolf from Honkai Star Rail, showing her tapping buttons in the air surrounded by chibi versions of other characters.

Silver Wolf is worth your consideration if you're looking for a top-tier DPS character in Honkai Star Rail? Alongside how you'll go about adding her to your roster, we'll cover the best Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf build we can think of below. It should help you realize her potential.

Being a damage dealer at heart, don't look to Silver Wolf as a healer, support, or bulky back-liner who can keep a tough fight going while you pick up the rest of your squad. If you need to race through a target, though, she's a great pick. If you're afraid of pumping resources into the wrong people, read on.

How to get Silver Wolf in Honkai Star Rail

Alongside Luocha, Silver Wolf will release with her own debut banner sometime during the Star Rail 1.1 update. She may or may not be a limited-time unit, so save up accordingly.

The best Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf build

The following build is for Silver Wolf. You can find more Honkai Star Rail builds on our dedicated hub page.

Best light cones for Silver Wolf

  1. We Will Meet Again (BEST)
  2. Good Night and Sleep Well (BACKUP)
  3. Loop (F2P alternative)

We Will Meet Again

Being a gacha game, it makes sense that Silver Wolf has a Light Cone purposely created with her in mind. If you can get hold of it, We Will Meet Again is undeniably the best option for her. It fixes her single-target issue by automatically striking any enemy hit by an ability after she uses her own basic attack or skill for 40% of her attack.

Good Night and Sleep Well

Without that, going for the Good Night and Sleep Well Light Cone can work well with her kit. It increases the damage her target takes by 12% for every debuff on them (up to three). Given she lives for debuffs, it'll help to ramp up the damage on tougher targets.


Lastly, for an easier time speccing her out, look to Loop as the Light Cone of choice. With it, Silver Wolf will deal 24% more damage to slowed enemies. That's her all over.

Best relics for Silver Wolf

  • Genius of Brilliant Stars (four-piece) BEST
  • Musketeer of Wild Wheat (four-piece) BACKUP
  • Space Sealing Station + Musketeer of Wild Wheat/Genius of Brilliant Stars (two-piece) ALTERNATIVE

Genius of Brilliant Stars

Stacking the Genius of Brilliant Stars relics will give Silver Wolf the power she needs to truly shine. With just two pieces, she'll deal 10% more quantum damage. With four pieces equipped, she'll ignore 25% of a target's defense if they have Quantum Weakness applied. That's a great way to rip through tougher targets.

Musketeer of Wild Wheat

An alternative choice would be Musketeer of Wild Wheat. Beyond a simple 10% attack increase with two pieces equipped, stacking four of these will increase her basic attack damage by the same amount and even her speed by six percent, which should help often her single-target attacks by ploughing through enemies at speed.

Space Sealing Station

If you don't want to deal too heavily with debuff management, you can opt to mix and match two different sets. By starting with Space Sealing Station, Silver Wolf gains a fixed 12% damage boost that doubles whenever she reaches 120 speed or higher.

You won't manage that solely with either of the two other relic sets, but you can choose between a fixed 10% attack increase or quantum damage boost instead, then using various other tactics to leverage the bonus of Space Sealing Station alongside it.

Best stats and sub-stats for Silver Wolf

Primary stats

  • Quantum Damage
  • Attack


  • Attack
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  • Quantum damage boost
  • Energy Restoration
  • Speed

When grinding for relics, the sub-stats on each can heavily affect the character they're given to, creating a need to continuously try for relics with the best sub-stats for your chosen character to maximize their potential.

Silver Wolf benefits greatly from Quantum Damage and Attack - the two stats used to decide the damage of her main skills in battle. To further augment them, you can look for the same as sub-stats, while settling with a bit of extra Speed and Energy Restoration for good measure.

Silver Wolf's splash art in Honkai Star Rail.
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What are Silver Wolf's abilities?

Basic attack
Deals 50% of Silver Wolf's attack at Quantum Damage to the target. Has a 65% chance of inflicting a random 'bug' for three turns.
Deals 70% of Silver Wolf's attack as Quantum Damage to a target. Has a 75% chance to impose the weakness of a random ally's type on that target for three turns and reduces the target's resistance to that type by 20%.
Deals 180% of Silver Wolf's attack as Quantum Damage to the target with a 100% chance to cause Entanglement. Deals 18% more Quantum Damage for each debuff on the target (up to 5x). While entangled, the target moves 40% slower and receives Quantum Damage equal to 48% of Silver Wolf's attack at the start of the next turn.
At the start of the battle, Silver Wolf immediately attacks a random target. Ignoring weakness types, all enemies have their toughness depleted. If a target's weakness is broken by Silver Wolf, they become entangled.
Trace #1 - Anti-Virus
When attacked, Silver Wolf has a 50% chance to implant a random bug into the attacker.
Trace #1 - Inject
Silver Wolf's basic attack has a 55% chance to implant an additional bug into her target.
Trace #1 - Side Note
If the target has three or more debuffs, Silver Wolf's skill will implant a type weakness bug.

Silver Wolf is not only capable of dealing high single-target damage, but she's also very good at applying myriad debuff and damage-over-time effects to her targets - or, in the right situation, those who pick on her or her allies.

She can slow enemies down, make it easier to exploit their weaknesses, and then stack additional damage onto her attacks by building up these ailments on the opposing side.

With a team built around her high debuff chances, Silver Wolf can but a massive dent in the defenses of even the toughest foes, reducing the target's chances of dealing heavy damage in return.

What are Silver Wolf's Eidolons?

Working much the same way as Constellations do in Genshin Impact, Eidolons are unlockable perks each character gains whenever you obtain a duplicate copy of them from a gacha banner, event reward, or any other means.

Some characters can be considered low-tier until a specific Eidolon is unlocked, which can sometimes turn a near-useless character into one of the strongest around. Here's how they look for Silver Wolf, the last of which reduces the need to refresh her debuffs on a target:

First duplicate
Extends the duration of bugs to one turn. Whenever an enemy's weakness is broken, Silver Wolf has a 65% chance to inflict another random bug on the target.
Second duplicate
Reduces the effect resistance of any enemy that enters the battle by 30% for two turns.
Third duplicate
Increases the level of Silver Wolf's skill and talent by two. These cannot go higher than 15.
Fourth duplicate
Silver Wolf regenerates eight energy for every debuff (up to five) targetted by her Ultimate.
Fifth duplicate
Increases the level of Silver Wolf's ultimate by two and her basic attack by one. These cannot go above 15 and 10 respectively.
Sixth duplicate
Removes the turn limit of weaknesses inflicted by Silver Wolf.

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