Honkai Star Rail Sushang build (February 2024) - Best light cones, relics, and abilities

Honkai Star Rail Sushang

Honkai Star Rail Sushang
February 2, 2024: We've updated our guide for the Sushang build. Also, you can also check out our other Honkai Star Rail builds.

There are tonnes of characters to choose from in Honkai Star Rail, and Sushang is just one of many. As new information is constantly getting released and helping players learn more about the characters, it means that we can now make a Honkai Star Rail Sushang build guide.

When making a build, there are plenty of things to keep in mind. For example, what Light Cone will you have to use? What traces are right for the character you are playing? How will you know what relics to decide on for the character? Building a character to maximum efficiency can be incredibly difficult, but with the help of our guide, your character will be dealing as much damage as possible.

Sushang's menu in Honkai: Star Rail
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Sushang Honkai: Star Rail

Who Is Sushang?

Sushang is a naive newcomer to the Cloud Knights who wields a Greatsword. She looks up to the historic memories of the Cloud Knights and envisions becoming one herself.

Because of this, she believes in the philosophies: "be eager to help those in need," and "do one good deed a day and reflect three times a day," which leads her to have a very busy day filled with helping others.

What Are Sushang's Abilities?

  • Cloudfencer Art: Starshine - Deal physical damage equal to 50% of Sushang's ATK to an enemy.
  • Cloudfencer Art: Mountainfall - Deal 105%-231% of Sushang's ATK to an enemy. Additionally, there is a 33% chance to trigger Sword Stance in the final attack.
  • Shape of Taixu: Dawn Herald - Deal 192%–345.6% of Sushang's ATK to an enemy. Sushang will also receive an increase in the ATK stat for a short time.
  • Dancing Blade - Sushang increases her SPD for 15%.
  • Cloudfencer Art: Warcry - When Sushang enters the battle, she will deal to all enemies.

How to build Sushang

The best way to build Sushang is to give her items that grants additional crit and physical damage. She already has a huge base stat speed, and granting her more damage will be a great way to deal with enemies.

Best Relics for Sushang

  • Champion of Streetwise Boxing - Slightly increases Sushang's ATK
  • Musketeer of Wild Wheat - Grants additional ATK and Speed stats

Best Light Cores for Sushang

  • In the Night - Greatly increases Sushang's crit rate and damage, which complements her entire kit
  • Only Silence Remains - Greatly increases Sushang's ATK

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