Mathler Answer List - What Is Today's Mathler Solution?

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Image of a Mathler guess in progress, with one out of six guesses used
May 22, 2022: We added the new Mathler answer for Monday.

If viral games like Wordle are a bit too language-focused for you, then you're in luck. Our Mathler answer list is here to give you a helping hand in this equation-based spin on the gargantuan browser hit. If you're closing in on the required equation to get the point, then we can help get you over the line.

Our Mathler answer list will not only run through today's result so you can keep your streak alive, but also give you an idea of how playing the game works. It's not quite as simple as just guessing letters, so sometimes you might need just a bit of guidance to see you over the finish line.

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What's the Mathler Answer Today? - May 22, 2022

The Mathler solution today is 39+4-8 That's the calculation for 35 you need to complete today's puzzle.

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How Do I Play Mathler?

While on the surface Mathler may seem quite similar to games like Wordle, it's an awful lot trickier. There are six tiles to fill, but all have to be a number or mathematical operator. Unlike Nerdle, where you have to include the solution within the guesses, all you need in Mathler is the equation.

The target number changes each day, so it's sadly not possible to cheese your way through Mathler with tactical guesses and some strategic thinking. Instead, you'll have to log onto the Mathler website each day, and use the feedback from each guess to claw your way towards the answer.

As with Wordle, a green tile means you've got the right number or operator in its position, orange meaning it's in the equation but not in the right place, and grey meaning it's not in the answer. It's a familiar layout, but completing each Mathler is no easy feat.


Another thing you have to remember, that isn't a consideration in word-based guessing games, is that you need to follow the order of operations when guessing. Whether you call it BIDMAS, BODMAS or BEDMAS, it basically means that certain operations take precedent over others. This isn't a maths lesson though - just something you need to bear in mind.

Image of the Mathler statistics menu, showing the amount of successful guesses, streak, and other metrics.
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What Is The Best Mathler Starting Equation?


Since the goalposts always seem to move in Mathler, it's hard to provide one specific equation that's best to start with. Unlike a certain other puzzle game out there
(where you can start with a vowel-heavy word to get some green tiles) each guess in Mathler has to add up to the target number. Therefore, your best guess each day will fluctuate.

However, it's worth reiterating again that unlike Nerdle, you don't need to worry about including the '=...' and the target number at the end of your guess. That frees up a few more tiles for you - though it will make it slightly tougher as you have more possibilities to play with. There's no easy way to get a result in Mathler: it's a matter of mathematical prowess.

Can I Play Previous Mathler Challenges?

In other games like Wordle, there's a way to spoof your device's time settings to pull up another puzzle if you've already completed the current one. Is the situation the same in Mathler? The good news is yes.

If you simply head into your device's calendar settings and tweak the time to any time in the past or future, and refresh your page, you'll be greeted with a new Mathler challenge. That's because Mathler automatically switches to a new puzzle each day, so simply spoofing your device timer will do the trick.

That's it for our Mathler answer list! Be sure to check back each day, as we'll be updating our list with the latest solution for you to mull over with your morning coffee. For more puzzles, check out the Quordle words for the day as well. Today's Sweardle word is arguably educational, too.