Canuckle Word - What's the Canuckle Answer Today?

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May 24, 2022: Here's your Tuesday Canuckle answer - and even a little bit of history.

Are you struggling to separate your hoser from your maple? Well, fear not, as we've got you covered with all of the Canuckle answers. Canuckle is the latest variant of the smash hit Wordle title, but one that offers a little Canadian twist for all you Canucks out there.


Our Canuckle word list catalogues not only today's Canuckle answer, but every answer that has come before, giving you a knowledge of what has already been in order to ensure you don't guess the same word twice. Canuckle is relatively new to the word guessing game world, so there isn't a particularly long list of Canadian slang just yet.

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Today's Canuckle Word Answer - May 24, 2022

The Canuckle word for today is DUCKS. Canada has around 22 species of ducks native to its parts, but the Mallard remains the most populous.


How Do I Play Canuckle?

To play Canuckle, all you need is a web browser. So as long as you can access the internet via the device you're intending to play on, you're good to go! The game is free-to-play, so just head to the Canuckle website to play.

Once you've loaded up the site, you should be met by a blank grid (consisting of a 5x6 grid), with all the tiles greyed out.

Using the on-screen keyboard, plug in your first five-letter Canadian-themed. Through process of elimination, the aim is to figure out the final answer within six guesses. After that, you just come back the next day to try a new puzzle.


How Does Canuckle Work?

Assuming you're a Wordle fan, you should have no problems making the switch over to Canuckle - the two are almost identical in terms of format and rules.

You have six guesses to work out what the mystery five letter word of the day is.

With each guess, the letter used will turn one of three colours, signalling whether the letters are in the right place, in the wrong place or not in the word at all. These clues should help you to eliminate any potential wrong answers in your quest to solve the puzzle.

  • Grey = the letter selected is not used in today's Canuckle word
  • Yellow = the letter selected is included in today's Canuckle word, but is in the wrong place.
  • Red = the letter is included and is in the right place.

As you will notice, Canuckle uses red instead of green in order to keep that patriotism strong! O Canada...

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