Worldle country November 28 - What's today's Worldle answer?

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Image of the guessing screen in Worldle
November 28, 2022: The new Worldle country answer has arrived.

Struggling with today's Worldle country? That's why this page exists. The worldwide success of a similar-sounding word game has spawned a bunch of popular offshoots - and none are quite as distinctive as Worldle. This geographic spin-off does away with fiddling over letters, instead focusing on countries.


Our Worldle country list breaks down the country answer for each day's puzzle, as well as diving in-depth at exactly how the game works. We'll also give some tips on which country is the best to start your guesses with, as well as looking at if there's a way to play challenges that have now expired.

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What's the Worldle country today, November 28, 2022?

The Worldle country today is Austria.

How do I play Worldle?

While its formula is very similar to the now-iconic Wordle, actually playing Worldle is a different kettle of fish. Rather than trying to guess a word, you're instead aiming to guess one of hundreds of countries, based on geographical data.


You start off by guessing a country, after which you see a range of green and orange tiles. Unlike Wordle, where they're used to denote how many letters are in place, here they're used to show how geographically close you are.

Image of a failed guess and the correct answer in Worldle.

The more green tiles compared to orange, the closer you are, and so on. You'll also get other handy metrics, such as the distance between your guess and the target country, and even the direction in which you need to head to find today's Worldle country.

The rest of it plays a lot like Wordle: you get six guesses and build up a streak based on consecutive correct answers. Those with the best knowledge of the world will no doubt relish this challenge, as the lack of visual identifiers means you'll need to use all the geographical acumen you have.


Can I play previous Worldle games?

If you've missed a previous Worldle country challenge or simply want to try some others while you wait for the next puzzle to roll around, then there are some solutions: like manually tweaking your settings to change your device's date, so you can access challenges that have otherwise expired.

Simply head into your device settings, find the calendar settings, and change the date to a new period of your choice. Then refresh the Worldle website, and you'll find a blank slate ready to play all over again. Just remember to change it back once you're done so you always get the newest Worldle challenge each day!


That's it for our Worldle answer list! Make sure to check back daily for the solution, just in case you're stuck on your last guess and don't want to lose your coveted streak. Check out our Sweardle word list to today's solution to that word game, or the Nerdle answer guide for a more mathematical option.