Who Are Ya player today (April 16)

Image of the initial guessing screen in Who Are Ya?

Image of the initial guessing screen in Who Are Ya?
April 16, 2024 - There's a new Who Are Ya player out there today for the Big 5 puzzle.

You might want to check this guide out if are having trouble predicting the current Who Are Ya player. More and more Wordle clones are getting released each day and the launch of Who Are Ya web game just makes it even more concrete.

A mystery football player is featured in Who Are Ya every day, with a silhouette of them plus a few hints to help you solve the puzzle like nation, club, position, and more.

There are other puzzles that are the same as Who Are Ya and that's the music guessing game Heardle. We've got a link to our guide for that one, and a lot of other same puzzles too at the bottom of this guide.

Today's Who Are Ya player (April 16)

Today's Who Are Ya player is Nacho Fernandez, a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a centre-back or full-back for La Liga club Real Madrid, which he captains, and the Spain national team.
Image of a completed and correct guess in Who Are Ya?
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How do I play Who Are Ya?

You can play Who Are Ya through the Missing 11 website on a PC, Mac, phone, tablet, or anything else with a half-decent browser. Even your game console will work.

Once you have inputted your first guess you will find out how many of the five categories you have guessed correctly, with the correct answers turning green in a similar manner to when you guess the correct letters on Wordle. This should help you to narrow down your player ahead of your second guess and so on.

Other Wordle game guides

If you need more than a single dose of deduction each day, there are plenty of other Wordle-style games out there. And we have guides for a bunch we update daily. You can find even more on our games like Wordle page, but we'll list our guides below:

And that's about it for today's Who Are Ya answer. Don't worry, we update this guide daily and the others so check them out tomorrow if you're having trouble finding the answer for the next one.

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