Octordle answer today (April 16)

The new Octordle play board display with partial answers.

The new Octordle play board display with partial answers.
April 16, 2024 - New Octordle words are in.

Quordle might present a challenge for people who love word puzzles, but Octordle words step it a notch. this is a puzzle game that will double the fun and challenge you crave. Octordle is a different take on popular word games like Wordle, Dordle, and Quordle, offering 13 chances to predict all current eight answers. You must not have more than five guesses wrong to get them all right so be careful

All Octordle answers are being offered in this guide, and we'll keep it updated since the puzzle gets changed every 24 hours. This guide also has a short overview of how to play the game so that players will not get confused about how to interact with the game.

Are you trying to find more word game guides? Down below are a list of more guides that you can check out for yourself. Just keep reading to to add a few new puzzles to your daily word puzzle solving habit. Play them all at the start of the day with a coffee, or space them out for a reprieve. It's up to you.

Octordle words hint today

Looking for clues on what these eight words are for Octordle today? Here are some hints you can use before you check the answers below:

Hint 1: First word: an instrument with an edged or pointed end for making holes in hard substances by revolving or by a succession of blows.

Hint 2: Second word: of or relating to vision or the eye.

Hint 3: Each word's starting letters here:

  • Word 1 - D
  • Word 2 - O
  • Word 3 - G
  • Word 4 - M
  • Word 5 - D
  • Word 6 - S
  • Word 7 - D
  • Word 8 - O

Octordle answer today (April 16, 2024)

Warning: This is your last chance before you get spoiled by the full answers below. If not, check them here:

How do I play Octordle?

Part of what makes Octordle different from other word games is how it handles words. Letters and guesses count for each word. For example, if “shone” is the first word and the third has an “s” in a different place, “s” will show up on the next board highlighted in yellow.

Here's a breakdown of what each colour means when the tiles change:

  • Green - The letter is in the right place for that word
  • Yellow - The letter is in the wrong place for that word
  • Black - The letter does not appear in that word

Octordle uses one word board for each set of two words. Once you get the right word, you can’t input anything else on that board. You’ll need to scroll down to find the new active board. Any inputs you’ve made on the inactive board will still count on the new board, so mind what keys you press.

What is the best Octordle starting word?

As with Wordle, the best Octodle starting word is any with multiple vowels. “AUDIO” is always a good choice. It clears all but one vowel from the board, which should go a long way in narrowing down the right letter placement - or even guess it outright depending on how well the first match is.

Other Wordle game guides

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There you have it, our list of Octordle answers for the day. We also offers hints for some of the answers and the rest is up to you. For the next batch of answers, check out this page tomorrow.

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