Games Like Wordle - The Best Wordle Alternatives You Should Try

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Image showing a grid in play from Words With Friends

The five-letter Wordle phenomenon has quite literally taken the world by storm, but its one-a-day format has left a hole that other games like Wordle are ready to fill. Our list of Wordle alternatives will let you keep the word-based fun going as you wait for the next day's puzzle.

Our list of games like Wordle runs through some other vocabulary games on mobile that will whet your appetite for brain-teasing challenges. Beyond simple vocabulary games, we have math-based puzzles, movie trivia, song recognition, and even hyper-specific puzzles around Harry Potter terms, football players, and even food.

Ultimately fine with just Wordle but just frustrated by today's answer? We've actually pieced together a few guides to help you out. Check out our Wordle Clues guide for hints or the Wordle Answers page to keep that streak alive. For something bigger, our guide to today's Quordle words is worth checking out.

Games Like Wordle - What Are the Best Wordle Alternatives?

Image of a failed attempt on the Nerdle guessing grid
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First up is the closest thing you can get to Wordle - if you took all the letters out. Nerdle is almost exactly like Wordle but with numbers, as you search for a hidden equation over an eight-square grid. Combining the hunt for numbers as well as operators, it's even more of a head-scratcher than the original Wordle, given how many possibilities there are.

As such, Nerdle won't be for everyone. For you mathematically-minded gamers, though, it's a fun way to test your prowess with numbers. Given you could have a sneaky multiplication or division absolutely anywhere within the equation, you'll need to be at your very best to win - let alone to get the result in a few guesses.

Bragging rights are front and centre though, given how inherently difficult Nerdle is. Math whizzes will appreciate this more technical version of the Wordle formula, and the rest of us will spend each morning trying to claw together a guess!

Image of the first guess in progress on the Foodle website.
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A lot of us will do the daily Wordle over a morning coffee or breakfast - and if it still leaves you with an appetite, in steps Foodle. This is very similar to Wordle on the surface, with one key difference: all of the words are related to food, be it ingredients, restaurants, or the cooking process more generally.

It's a more specific form of word guessing, as your five-letter target word can only exist within the culinary realm. It can be as basic as beans or as renowned as pilau, making it very tricky to nail down.

That's all part of the fun because this targeted spin on Wordle thrives thanks to its uniqueness. If you're an aspiring cook or just a curious foodie, you can use Foodle not only to test your knowledge but to brag to friends about just how much you know.

Image of some failed guesses in a row in Heardle.
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Guessing words is all well and good, but there's nothing that tests your pop-culture supremacy quite like Heardle. In this game, there's no letter guessing involved. Instead, you heard a one-second snippet from the opening of a popular song, and have to scour your mind to determine what song it is, and who it's by.

You get six guesses, with each failed guess adding another second to the snippet, giving you more of a chance to get it. Luckily most of the answers are songs that you'll have heard on the radio, so it's not too difficult.

Nonetheless, there aren't many feelings more rewarding than getting the target song off the first second, especially if it's quite a slow opening. This is a game that music fans will love, providing a challenging but very entertaining start to the day.

Image of the guessing grid in Worldle.
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We've covered food, and we've covered music, and this next game like Wordle is one to appeal to geography fans. There's an awful lot of countries in our world, and Worldle tasks you with picking a randomly selected one, based on just six guesses. Each attempt is followed by a number of tiles similar to Wordle, with the more green you see indicating how close you are.

It's probably the trickiest one on this list, as all you get is a silhouetted outline of the country and that aforementioned feedback after every guess. Geography whizzes will no doubt find it much easier given you get to see the country in question, but there's definitely enough challenge for casual players.

Image of the first player clue in Who Are Ya?
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Who Are Ya?

This one's for the football fans out there, because Who Are Ya? is a devilishly tricky guessing game. You start off with a blurry image of a random footballer's face and have to rack your brain to determine who it is. Yes, this is one that those only tangentially invested in the sport may struggle with, because you'll need a near-encyclopaedic knowledge to get by.

After your first guess, you start getting more detailed information as a response. That includes whether you've got the player's age, nationality, position, or league correct. These will help you narrow down suspects in your mind, hopefully plodding away towards a successful run.

Who Are Ya? is undeniably niche and may fail to capture the hearts of those who don't know their Ronaldo from their Ronaldinho, but it's great fun for footy fans.

Image of a successful run of guesses in Hogwartle.
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Here's another guessing game for superfans of a specific property. If you haven't guessed from the name, we're talking all things Harry Potter. Hogwartle is structurally the same as Wordle, but all of the terms are linked to the wizarding world revolving around Hogwarts.

Answers can range from something as simple as 'magic' to the name of niche Harry Potter characters, so you'll definitely want to have seen the films and read the books before taking on this challenge. If you know all about the Order of the Phoenix and the Deathly Hallows, though, you'll have a blast getting the right wizardly word each day.

Framed is another one of the many games like Wordle.
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Lastly, there's the Framed game. We're all shocked by just how long it took something like this to show up, but we're glad it's finally here. The Framed game simply serves you up to six frames from movies past and present, and it's up to you to work out what the flick of the day is.

We've had classic horror movies like Halloween, and semi-recent modern classics like The Prestige. It's not an exhaustive list of movie - a few of our guesses haven't been eligible, for example, but it's probably just a work in progress.

That's it for our list of the best games like Wordle! Be sure to check back often, because we'll be updating this list each week with a fresh new game to try out. That way, you'll never tire of exciting guessing challenges to enjoy every morning!

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