Nerdle Answer List - What's Today's Nerdle Equation?

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Six Nerdle lines of grey boxes with the first line filled out with the numbers one to eight
May 28, 2022: Our Nerdle answer list has been updated with the Nerdle solution for Friday.

If the now sizeable number of Wordle clones and spinoffs weren't enough, we're now seeing the phenomenon's daily, social-driven format extend beyond the boundaries of mere words and into the scary realm of maths. Yes, we're talking about the hugely popular Nerdle.

If you're struggling with today's equation and have been left scratching your head wondering what the latest Nerdle answer may be, then you've certainly come to the right place. Down below, we've collected all of the latest Nerdle answers in one handy spot, much like we've done previously over on our Wordle answer and even Lewdle answer lists.

Looking for an explainer of what Nerdle is and how exactly you can play it? Well, we've got all that info and more waiting for you too - just read on and all will be revealed.


What's the Nerdle Answer Today? - May 28, 2022

The Nerdle solution for today is 5*7-26=9 That computes.

What Is Nerdle?

Nerdle is a daily, social-driven game where you're given six chances to work out the day's equation, then hopefully share your successes via social media.

It's a little trickier than Wordle - the word-based game that clearly inspired it - but with some practice and patience, or by cheating a bit with this here answer list, you too can feel like a mathematical whizz in no time.

How Do I Play Nerdle?

Much like Wordle, Lewdle, and any number of the other now-popular games like Wordle, you can play Nerdle for free via your desktop or mobile browser. Just whack the word 'Nerdle' into your search engine of choice and click through to the game's official site to start playing straight away - it's really that simple.


You'll start out by inputting some numbers, then the colour of the tiles will change to show you how many Nerdle numbers or symbols you got correct on that guess. If a tile lights up green, that means the number or symbol is in the correct spot, but if it's black, then said number or symbol doesn't appear in the correct equation.

If it lights up purple, then you know that number or symbol does appear in the full solution, just not in the spot you've currently placed it in. From there, it's a case of narrowing down your equation using your maths know-how and some smart guesswork until you've landed on the correct Nerdle answer.

Unlike with, say, Wordle, each guess here is a full - and sometimes rather complex - calculation. As explained in the on-site rules, you’ll be able to use the numbers 0-9, plus the symbols +, -, *, /, or = within each guess.

Naturally, your equation can only include = once and must begin with a number. And as the site itself says, “order matters in Nerdle." The example given is that if that day’s answer happens to be 10+20=30, then putting forward 20+10=30 as your guess won’t meet the strict requirements.

Is Nerdle Free?

Again, just like Wordle, Lewdle, and the vast majority of browser-based games like those, Nerdle is entirely free to play. And unlike Wordle, which was recently snapped up by The New York Times, there's no suggestion that Nerdle will ever become a paid game in any way.

And that's it for today's Nerdle answer. If the two other word games linked above stuff can't satiate your appetite for these daily puzzles, check out the best games like Wordle. Most of them aren't just one-and-done daily puzzles.