Today's Nerdle answer (April 19)

All six Nerdle lines with one already filled up for possible answer.

All six Nerdle lines with one already filled up for possible answer.
April 19, 2023 - Here’s a new Nerdle answer for Friday.

There have been various Wordle spinoffs appearing online and becoming popular. This has now come over to math and offers a bigger challenge. One of those games is Nerdle.

The equations that are being displayed every day are quite challenging for some so they are curious about what the latest Nerdle answer may be. If you want answers, this is the place to look for it. We collect all of the latest Nerdle answers in one handy spot. Previous ones like Wordle answer and even Lewdle answer lists were also solve like this.

You want to look for an explanation for Nerdle and the various mechanics? Just read on and you might find out.

Today's Nerdle hint

Nerdle is quite complicated to solve with no equivalent number to base it on. You would have to guess that one too. If you want to solve it, here is a hint you can use:

HINT 1 - There are three numbers involve.

HINT 2 - It involves division.

Today's Nerdle answer (April 19)

The Nerdle solution for today is 24 / 3 / 8 = 1.

How do I play Nerdle?

Just whack the word 'Nerdle' into your search engine of choice and click through to the game's official site to start playing straight away. It's really that simple.

You start out by inputting some numbers, then the colour of the tiles will change to show you how many Nerdle numbers or symbols you got correct on that guess. If a tile lights up green, that means the number or symbol is in the correct spot. Black reveals that the number or symbol doesn't appear in the correct equation.

If it lights up purple, then you know that number or symbol does appear in the full solution, just not in the spot you've currently placed it in. From there, it's a case of narrowing down your equation using your maths know-how and some smart guesswork until you get the correct Nerdle answer.

And there you have it, the latest Nerdle answer. You might also want to check out the best games like Wordle. Most of them aren't just easy daily puzzles.

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