Wordle 2 word April 18 - What's the Wordle 2 answer today?

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Image of an unsuccessful attempt in Wordle 2
April 18, 2023: Two new Wordle 2 and WordHurdle words are in.

Have you already completed today's Wordle challenge and wish there was something more to try? Well, you're in luck: our Wordle 2 answer guide will give you a helping hand in this unofficial spin-off of the immensely popular word game that ramps the difficulty with a single extra letter.

Our Wordle 2 answer list will run through the answers of past and present Wordle 2 challenges as well as some tips. There's a new Wordle 2 answer every 12 hours, so you'll want to check in both in the morning and the early afternoon on your lunch break.

Of course, Wordle 2 is far from the only word game taking the internet by storm right now. Check out our Wordle answer list for help in the biggest brain-teaser of them all. We have a Nerdle answer list for the math geeks out there, and even a Lewdle answer list for something a little more adult.

Wordle 2 word for April 18 - Wordle 2 answer today

Wordle 2

The most recent Wordle 2 word is ZITHER.


If you're playing WordHurdle instead, the six-letter word you're looking for today is PERIOD.

How do I play Wordle 2?

The formula of Wordle 2 will be very familiar to those who have ever tried out Wordle - with a twist.

Instead of trying to guess a random five-letter word, instead there are six letters in play. However, you still only have six guesses, so it ramps up the difficulty quite significantly. Equally, there's a new Wordle 2 puzzle every twelve hours instead of the twenty-four in base Wordle, so you'll need to check in twice a day to keep up to date.

Aside from that, though, newcomers to Wordle 2 will probably feel quite comfortable. You start off with six blank white tiles, before putting in your first word guess.

If the letter is in the word and in the correct position, the tiles goes green. If it's in the word but not quite the right place, it'll go orange. Keep guessing based on those clues, and you should hopefully end up with all green tiles by the end. That'll add one to your streak, which is the best way to show off your prowess to friends.

Image of the Wordle 2 statistics page
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What's the best Wordle 2 starting word?

As there's an additional letter to play with, it can be slightly difficult to decide which word to start with in Wordle 2. A lot of the best first guesses in the original game focus on getting in as many vowels as possible - and generally speaking, that's a good approach to maintain in this sequel.

The best starting word in Wordle 2 is "PIRATES". Not only does it contain four of the five possible vowels, but adding the 'S' to the end also covers any bases on terms of plurals. You're likely to get at least a few orange tiles, and probably even a few greens in there too. Some other good suggestions include SATIRE and POLITE, which also cover most of those vowel bases.

Are Wordle 2 and WordHurdle the same game?

Yes, Wordle2 and WordHurdle are the same game. For the first few months, the game was called Wordle2 despite having no official affiliation with the original Wordle.

Though it's unconfirmed, a notice at the top of the site that currently hosts the game suggests that the New York Times - who recently bought the rights to Wordle - requested that Wordle2 rebrand to avoid any copyright infringement issues, thus giving birth to WordHurdle.


Can I play previous Wordle 2 puzzles?

As with the base Wordle game, there is a cheeky way to access previous puzzles that have now expired - or even peeking into future challenges.

It's quite a simple method, as all you need to do is change the time on your device's calendar. That'll mean a bit of fiddling with your settings, to move yourself either into the past or future. When that's done, refresh the Wordle 2 page, and a brand-new puzzle will greet you.

That's it for our Wordle 2 answer list. Be sure to check back every 12 hours for the latest solutions, so you can run up an impressive streak in this slightly trickier Wordle spin-off. Check out the best games like Wordle while you're here. Looking for simple web-based affairs? Our Quordle words and Sweardle word guides can help you there.

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