FIFA 23 - All packs and prices in Ultimate Team list

Image of Sam Kerr in FIFA 23.

Image of Sam Kerr in FIFA 23.

Want to learn all about FIFA 23 packs? Part of the fun of EA Sports' hit football series is opening random packs to see which players you get. It evokes nostalgia of the days of Match Attax, and can net you some incredible rewards if luck is on your side.

In this FIFA 23 guide, we'll list all of the pack variants available in this year's game. That includes all packs currently in the store for you to buy, as well as how much they cost, and the packs that aren't available yet, but will arrive as rewards down the line.

Elsewhere, we've got plenty of other FIFA guides to check out. Our player ratings guide runs through some of the best cards in this year's entry, while we've also got loads of details on the web app. If you want some TOTW 3 predictions, we've got a full squad drafted up.

All FIFA 23 packs list

Pack name
Price (coins/FIFA points)
Premium Bronze Pack
750 coins
12 bronze items, with three rares
Premium Silver Pack
3,750 coins or 75 FIFA Points
12 silver items, with three rares
Premium Gold Pack
7,500 coins or 150 FIFA Points
12 gold items, with three rares
Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
15,000 coins or 300 FIFA Points
24 gold items, with seven rares
Untradeable Premium Gold Players Pack
20,000 coins or 300 FIFA Points
12 gold players, with three rares and one guaranteed 80+ player (all untradeable)
Premium Gold Players Pack
25,000 coins or 350 FIFA Points
12 gold players, with three rares and one guaranteed 80+ player
Mega Pack
35,000 coins or 700 FIFA Points
30 items with 18 rares and onr guaranteed 82+ player
FIFA 23 Starter Kit Bundle Pack
100,000 coins or 2,000 FIFA Points
20 items including 16 rare gold players, three guaranteed 83+ players, a Draft Token, loan 86+ player, loan Hero, and loan Icon (all untradeable)
Premium Electrum Players Pack
Objective, season, or SBC rewards
12 players of varying standards, all rare
Ultimate Loan Player Reward Pack
Objective, season, or SBC rewards
Four loan players with one guaranteed rare
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See the list above for all of the packs present in FIFA 23. Note that some of these packs aren't available just yet, as not all of them are included at once.

Instead, a lot of packs come in and out of rotation sporadically. For example, when new card promotions release, EA Sports tends to reintroduce Mega Packs for people to chance their luck.

Equally, a lot of these packs simply haven't cropped up as rewards or in-store options yet. Each season new objectives and progression rewards are added, so we may see some of the more niche packs down the line. On top of that, some less common packs are often SBC rewards, so keep an eye on that tab to discover what you can earn.

Image of the pack store in FIFA 23.
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Which are the best packs in FIFA 23?

For our money, there are a couple of packs in this year's FIFA that are worth investing in if you come across them. First is of course the Premium Gold Preview Pack, which resets every 24 hours. It lets you open a Premium Gold Pack without any obligation of buying it. If you get luckily it'll contain a player over the 7,500 coin price, giving you some free and easy profit.

Aside from that, there are plenty of other great packs. If you're just starting out, the Jumbo Premium Gold Pack is a good way to potentially net rare gold players to bolster your squad or place on the transfer market.

If you're willing to spend big, then you can't really go wrong with Mega Packs. They're one of the rarest pack types for a reason, given the huge amount of high-value items often found within.

Of course, there's always the risk with FIFA packs that you'll end up getting nothing but fodder. Just like any other loot box, there's no guarantee of anything, aside from the few instances where you're promised a minimum OVR for at least one of the cards. But that balance of risk and reward is all part of the Ultimate Team experience.

That's it for our look at FIFA 23 packs! As soon as new packs emerge, or we learn prices for vaulted ones, we'll update this guide. Until then, read up on how to score from power shots, as well as all confirmed Ones to Watch cards.

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