FIFA 23 - How to do griddy celebration

Image of Kylian Mbappe celebrating in FIFA 23.

Image of Kylian Mbappe celebrating in FIFA 23.

The new FIFA games always keep up with the latest rends, and as such new celebrations are abound. One of them is the griddy, the latest viral dance move pioneered by Allen Davis and popularised within the football world by Manchester United's Anthony Elanga. If you want to know how to griddy in FIFA 23, you're in the right place.

In this FIFA 23 guide, we'll break down exactly how to perform the griddy celebration. It's a great way to gloat in the face of a defeated rival in Weekend League, or to add some swagger to your Pro Clubs celebration.

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How do I griddy in FIFA 23?

Performing the griddy in FIFA 23 is a very simple process. Once you've scored a goal and your player starts running to the corner flag to celebrate, hold down the right trigger and flick the right stick up twice.

Doing so will cause your player to hit the griddy, dancing across the pitch as you go. It technically triggers a cutscene, so if you want to skip it after you've started, all you need to do is hit the left and right bumpers at the same time.

One thing you'll need to be aware of is the timing. If you leave it too long into the celebration to perform the griddy shortcut, or accidentally press another button in the meantime, you'll miss out on it on that occasion. Therefore, you'll have to score another goal to try it once more. As long as your opponent hasn't already quit, that is!

This addition of 2022's hottest dance move isn't the first time the FIFA franchise has incorporated celebrations to keep up with the times. Previous titles have introduced Paul Pogba's iconic dab celebration, Erling Haaland's meditation pose, and Dele Alli's finger-over-the-eye move. It's all part of giving players total control over how they flex once a goal goes in.

Alongside the griddy, there are several other new celebrations in this year's FIFA game. Diogo Jota's gamer celebration is new to the game, as well as Sam Kerr's signature backflip. We don't know the shortcuts for those moves yet, though. Instead, EA Sports announced the griddy for both FIFA 23 and Madden 23 as the marquee new celebration.

Following those simple steps, you'll be able to easily hit the griddy on your opponents. It'll add an element of spice to your celebrations, and could rile a tetchy rival player even more.

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