FIFA 23 Beta - Release Date and How to Get Access Code

Image of Jack Grealish striking the ball in FIFA 23.

Image of Jack Grealish striking the ball in FIFA 23.

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Want to play the final entry of EA Sports' FIFA series early? If so, you'll need to hedge your bets on getting into the FIFA 23 beta. This closed preview of the game prior to launch is one of the only times you can play the game before release, after EA Sports stopped making annual demos. Therefore, it's likely your only chance to test the game out in advance.

In this FIFA 23 guide, we'll run through everything you need to know about the beta. That includes when the beta is set to launch, which modes and teams will be included, and exactly how to sign yourself up for access. It isn't a guaranteed process, so just like packing a TOTY, you'll need a good dose of luck.

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When is the FIFA 23 Beta Release Date?

At the time of writing, there isn't a definitive release date for the FIFA 23 beta. EA tends to announce it very close to the actual start of the beta, and as such is staying tight-lipped for now.

However, a look at previous FIFA betas can give us some insight into when it should release. As an example, the FIFA 22 beta started in August 11, 2021 and ran until September 1. Considering FIFA 23 is due out at a similar point in Q3 2022, we expect the beta to also take place around that time.

Of course, once EA Sports releases more information on when the beta is due to launch, we'll update this guide.

Image of a player dribbling the ball in FIFA 23.
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How Do I Get a FIFA 23 Beta Access Code?

Getting a FIFA 23 beta code will likely be an incredibly hard process. EA Sports is often very stingy when it comes to dishing out early access, especially now it doesn't release annual FIFA demos.

There isn't a way to guarantee you'll get sent a code. Instead, all you can do is sign up to emails from EA Sports, linked to your EA account. Ensure that you've played FIFA 22 on that account, and you'll be in for a chance of being sent a code. There's nothing more specific to it than that, sadly: simply opt in for email communications and play FIFA as usual.

If you're chosen, EA Sports will email you a code for the corresponding platform to your EA account. The FIFA 22 beta only took place on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, so we expect it'll also bypass PC and Nintendo Switch this year.

What Does the FIFA 23 Beta Include?

As with last year and previous FIFA betas, the FIFA 23 beta will only contain a small segment of the full game. EA Sports also staggers FIFA betas, meaning some players will get access to different modes to others.

If you manage to get a FIFA 23 beta code, you're at least guaranteed access to the classic Kick-Off mode. Alongside that, you'll randomly get access to a beta for one of the following modes:

  • Ultimate Team
  • VOLTA Football
  • Pro Clubs
  • Career Mode

It's unclear how EA Sports chooses who gets each mode, though the chances are if you've logged most hours into Career Mode, for example, that's the one you get. We don't know for certain, but it seems most logical.

Equally, don't expect to get access to all the hundreds of teams and thousands of players in the full FIFA roster. You'll most likely get access to a select few of the top teams, probably ones like Paris Saint-Germain, who have a licensing deal with EA. Other common teams include Manchester City and Chelsea, so you can blitz through matches with Erling Haaland or Raheem Sterling on your team.

That's it for our look at the FIFA 23 beta! While details still remain fairly slim, we'll be sure to update this guide as and when new information arrives. Until that happens, feel free to check out our definitive ranking of the very best FIFA songs. There are some hits in there.

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