Sweardle Word - What's the Sweardle Answer Today?

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June 15, 2022: We added the latest Sweardle answer for Wednesday.

Looking to increase your potty mouth vocabulary? Today's Sweardle word is here for you. If you've at all paid attention to this year's gaming trends, you've probably already guessed what this particular title is all about - swear words. Keep this one away from the kids.

Our Sweardle word list catalogues not only today's Sweardle answer, but every Sweardle answer that has come before. It hasn't been kicking around as long as the game it takes inspiration for, but if you're coming here in February or mid-March, you're probably going to learn a new curse word or two.

Looking for more Word puzzles to solve? Check out our Wordle answer list and Wordle clue list for helpful hints to keep your streak going. To learn more naughty words, Lewdle answers exist as well - complete with toned-down definitions.

What is Today's Sweardle Word? - June 15, 2022

The Sweardle word of the day is SNOG. Time to wash your mouth out with soap?

Possible Sweardle Words

As you might imagine, there are only so many four-letter swear words in the English language. Though the list is impressive, a few Sweardle words have repeated in subsequent puzzles. Here's a full list of what we've had so far (without the duplicates). These should give you plenty of viable guesses or starting words.

  • NUTS
  • BAPS
  • SMEG
  • DAMN
  • CUNT
  • HUMP
  • PUBE
  • PUSS
  • SACK
  • SNOT
  • FECK
  • DUMP
  • CUNT
  • DAMN
  • BUMS
  • BULL
  • LICK
  • SHIT
  • NUTS
  • ANUS
  • PISS
  • FUCK
  • RACK
  • BOOB
  • TURD
  • NUTS
  • DONG
  • HUMP
  • JERK
  • CRAP
  • DAMN
  • ARSE
  • BULL

Right now, the most common Sweardle answer has been ARSE. If you want to get it in one, that's the most likely option.

How Do I Play Sweardle?

To play Sweardle, all you need is a web browser. If you're reading this, you're already good to go. Being a free game, all you need to do is load up the Sweardle website to get started.

Once you're on there, you should see a grid a single row appear. Just use the on-screen keyboard below to plug in four letters that make up a swear word you know. Then, the game will tell you how close you were to the Sweardle word of the day. Come back each day to deduce a new Sweardle word. It's that simple.


How Does Sweardle Work?

Sweardle works just like any of the other Wordle clones out there - you attempt to guess in a word in a few attempts as possible. With this one, you're given four tries to guess a four-letter word that would get you in trouble with your nan.

With each guess, the letters used will turn one of three colours, signalling whether the letters are in the right place, in the wrong place, or not in the word at all. From that, you're able to make more and more educated guesses. For example:

  • Gray = the letter is not used in today's Sweardle word
  • Yellow = the letter is used in today's Sweardle answer, but was in the wrong place
  • Green = the letter is included and in the right place

And that's it for this helpful list of the Sweardle word past and present. For more word games, check out our list of games like Wordle. Still need a puzzle for the day? Check out today's Nerdle answer, or today's Quordle words if you're struggling with that particularly tough brainteaser.

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