Today's Lewdle word - Lewdle answer (April 17)

The Lewdle game board.

The Lewdle game board.
April 17, 2024 - Here's your Lewdle answer for Wednesday.

Having trouble finding the "dirty" answers for today's Lewdle? Our Lewdle answer list will give you all the solutions for today's puzzle. You might want to check out the answer below if you feel it will be difficult to answer today's Lewdle word.

Our Lewdle answer list will be updated every day with the newest answers for the latest lewd puzzle. Lewdle might be similar to the popular word puzzle Wordle, but it has a big difference. It's just Wordle but for mature audiences only. Don't worry, it's still free to play, but the New York Times might not want to associate with it.

If you're such a big fan of Lewdle, then for sure you like other word puzzles like Wordle. You might want to read our Wordle answer list to learn answers too, or if you don't want the direct answers then check out Wordle clues list for some hints.

Hints for today's Lewdle word

Today's Lewdle word might be a bit difficult if you're thinking too hard. Check out our hints below:

  • HINT - Slang for an erect penis.

What is today's Lewdle answer? (April 17)

The Lewdle word for today is BONER.

How do I play Lewdle?

The NSFW and absolutely 18+ version of Wordle is an unofficial spoof of the original game played in exactly the same way. Want to play it? Just google "Lewdle". You'll get there. Be sure to scroll down on the official page, though.

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You’ll need to click the little white link at the bottom to play the web version. Downloading the app they’re trying to push sounds like a bad idea.

You have six attempts to decipher a five-letter word, with the only difference being that Lewdle uses lewd words that you should not be saying in front of your parents.

All you have to do to begin is enter a five-letter word and submit it. The game will then change the colours of each letter tile used, denoted whether or not the letters are present in the final word, and whether or not they're in the right place.

If the letter turns grey, that means it is not in the word. If the letter turns orange, it is in the word, but just not in the right place. If a letter turns green, it is in the word and in the correct place, which should make subsequent guesses a bit easier by narrowing down the applicable words.

Using the increased knowledge of each guess, you'll narrow down the possibilities for the mystery word. Guess the dirty word within six attempts to keep up your win streak. As is the case with Wordle, there is only one game a day, with a new word arriving every 24 hours.

What is the best Lewdle starting word?

Trying to work out the best Lewdle starting word is a little more difficult than it is with Wordle, but "PENIS" just so happens to be a good Lewdle word to start with. It features two vowels and an S in the final spot, which covers the potential word being a plural while also eliminating two out of the five potential vowels.

Lewdle might be a bit hard to play at work so you might have to change games. We've sought and found various games like Wordle to give you to entertainment you crave. If you want to try out other genres like mobile gaming then check our latest AFK Arena codes and our League of Pantheons code guide to help you out.

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