Wordle hint and clues for today (June 5)

The Worlde play board.
June 5, 2023: Here’s your Wordle hint for Monday.

Struggling to cross the finish line of today’s puzzle? Then do we have a Wordle hint for you. In actuality, we have a short list of three Wordle hints for the word puzzle today that should help you keep your win streak alive. Sometimes your brain just needs the little nudge. You’ve got this.

Down below, you’ll find three quick hints for Wordle that will still require a bit of thought. If you want to Wordle answer, we have a whole other page for that, but we like to keep things separate in case, again, you just need that little push rather than it literally spelled out for you.

For more Wordle-like guides and games, keep reading. We have a long list of every game like Wordle we currently cover. We update each of them every day. That way you won’t ever have to risk leaving your win streak on the table. We’re nice like that.

Today's Wordle hint for June 5

  1. Rhymes with gooey.
  2. Starts with E.
  3. It has a double letter.

How do I play Wordle?

The aim of the game is simple, you have to decipher the hidden word by guessing terms over six guesses. Once you enter your first word, you'll see that some letters will appear in grey, some in orange, and some in green. Each colour represents the following:

  • Grey = Incorrect letter
  • Orange = Correct letter, wrong place
  • Green = Correct letter, right place
If you're playing on colourblind mode, the above list changes to grey, blue, and green respectively.

The aim is simple: just uncover the word in as few attempts as possible. Once you're done, you can then share your results on social media to show the world just how clever you really are. Each Wordle clue is designed to give you a little helping hand.

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