Wordle answer today - 5 letter Wordle word ending in ND

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Image from Wordle, showing a successful guess
April 18, 2023: Check out today's Wordle answer - it's a 5-letter word ending in ND.

Looking for the Wordle answer today? If you don't want to lose your win streak, you're going to want to check up on the daily Wordle word answer list to help you solve any puzzles that may leave you stuck. If your social circle talks about their easy win each day, there’s only so long your excuse of not playing it today will reach.

We update our Wordle answer list every day, so you'll never have to feel like left out when talking about the latest puzzle to your friends. We've also got a rundown of exactly how to play the game, if you've been away for a while and need a refresher.

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Wordle answer today - Wordle word ending in ND

The Wordle word answer is HOUND. That's the five-letter word you'll need for Wordle 18/04.

What is the best first Wordle word?

Picking your first Wordle word at the beginning of each guess can be a tough one. There's a science to the best pick for your starting Wordle word, and the right choice can narrow down the potential Wordle answer far better than just plugging in words randomly, hoping for the best.

If there's any single best Wordle word to kick off a round, it has to be AUDIO. Comprising of four of the five possbile vowels, you're almost guaranteed to get at least a few orange tiles. If none of them come up, then you know you're probably looking at something with an E in it somewhere, and no other vowel at all - like THERE.

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