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Axie Infinity Roadmap: New Axie Infinity Update And Latest News

Looking at the roadmap, Axie Infinity will receive a plethora of game-changing updates in the future.

Axie Infinity saw a huge surge in its playerbase in mid-2021, nearing a total of 1 million daily users. With all these players comes a high demand for fresh content and regular updates.

Here’s a look at what Sky Mavis has in store for Axie Infinity.


Axie Infinity Roadmap

According to Axie Infinity’s whitepaper, the next step for the play-to-earn title will be to introduce AXS staking. By staking AXS – or Axie Infinity Shards – players will earn ‘rewards’ in the form of new AXS. The stakers can also can vote on various proposals for Axie Infinity. AXS staking has a Q3 2021 release date, with Sky Mavis stating in its July Development Update:

We’re gearing up for a launch of AXS staking. Stay tuned! We won’t give an exact date as there are a few moving parts involved.

In Q4 2021, the land gameplay community alpha will launch, ahead of a full land gameplay rollout in the first half of 2022. However, a previous Axie Infinity roadmap suggested this land gameplay feature would release in Q1 2020, so delays are not out of the question.

In the second half of 2022, Sky Mavis will release the Lunacia SDK Alpha. This will allow a small group of players access to a map editor in which players can use Axie Infinity assets to create games, before saving them as tradeable NFTs. The developers have not given a date for the full release of Lunacia SDK, however.

Axie Infinity Latest News And Updates

Axie Infinity’s dedicated Esports servers went live earlier this week, with 31 approved tournaments with a combined prize of 5560 AXS scheduled until the end of the year. Only whitelisted players will gain access to the servers.


The first event – the Axie E1337 Open #2 - takes place on August 21.

Earlier in August, Sky Mavis released the Axie Arena Season 18, which saw the adjustment of SLP (Small Love Potions) caps. Players can now earn up to 50 SLP from PvE each day, down from 100. The daily quest reward also dropped from 50 to 25 SLP.

The developer explained the changes were made “with the long term health of the ecosystem in mind”, citing the difference between the amount of SLP burned and minted in recent weeks.

Looking to the future, the developer also states they may need to increase the amount of SLP needed to breed Axies, and adjust the AXS portion of the breeding fee which it believes “has gotten quite high.”

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[Featured Photo by Sky Mavis]