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Axie Infinity SLP: How To Earn SLP in Axie Infinity

In the Axie Infinity ecosystem, SLP is one of the most important resources for players to earn.

SLP – or Smooth Love Potions – is a token earned in-game, with its primary use being to breed Axie. While SLP is available to buy as an ERC-20 token and is listed on Binance, many players opt to earn their SLP directly through gameplay.

Here’s how to earn SLP in Axie Infinity, along with a few tips.


How To Earn SLP in Axie Infinity

There are three key methods to earning SLP in Axie Infinity. Keep in mind that in the future, Axie Infinity could opt to adjust the SLP rewards depending on the inflation rate, for example.

Here’s a look at the current ways to earn SLP.

Complete Daily Quests

Completing Axie Infinity’s three daily quests will see you rewarded with 25 SLP. This was previously 50 SLP, but the rewards were reduced in early August.

Unlike many other games, the Axie Infinity daily quests do not change. Quests reset at 12:00 AM UTC. This means that every day, you will earn 25 SLP by completing the following:

  • Daily Check-In
  • Complete 10 Adventure Mode Levels
  • Win 5 Arena Matches

Weekly Quests and Special Events are said to be coming soon for players to earn more SLP, but they are currently not available.

Play the Axie Infinity PVE Adventure Mode

By fighting against Lunacian monsters in the Axie Infinity PVE mode, you can earn up to 50 SLP per day (previously 100 SLP).

SLP rewards scale depending on the difficulty, with 36 levels of difficulty to choose from. Rewards per win are as follows:

  • Lvl 1 – 4: 1 SLP
  • Lvl 5-9: 2 SLP
  • Lvl 10-14: 4 SLP
  • Lvl 15-16: 6 SLP

Between Level 17 and 20, SLP rewards are randomised. You can earn between 6-10 SLP for a victory. At Level 21 – 36, rewards are between 10 and 20 SLP.

Defeating the two Axie Infinity bosses at Level 21 and Level 36 will give you rewards of 200 SLP and 300 SLP, respectively. However, these rewards can only be earned once.

It’s best to use max-level Axies for these battles if you’re simply trying to farm SLP, although levelling up your Axies will require spending Energy.

Win PVP Arena Battles

The Arena Mode as one of the most lucrative ways to earn SLP. However, it is also one of the most difficult, as you come up against other players.


By winning Arena matches, you could earn up to 12 SLP per victory, if your MMR rating is above 2200.

However, unlike Adventure Mode, participating in Arena battles costs 1 Energy. Energy refreshes over time, depending on the number of Axies owned.

Owning over 20 Axies, for example, nets you 5 Energy every two hours, or 60 Energy per day. Owning between 3-9 Axies or 10-19 Axies will grant your 5 Energy in 6 and 3 hours, respectively.

This means that, theoretically, if you spent 60 Energy on 60 matches at the highest level, you could earn up to 720 SLP in one day.

Best Way To Farm SLP in Axie Infinity

Farming SLP depends on how much time you have to spend playing Axie Infinity.

For beginners seeking to improve their long-term yield, using your Energy in Adventure Mode to level up Axies is the best use of your time and Energy, while also earning some SLP.


Once your Axies are levelled up, not only will you be able to compete at higher level Arena matches, but it will also take you significantly less time to hit the 50 SLP cap from Adventure battles.

Again, for beginners and those without the time to invest, completing the Daily Quests is another easy way to quickly earn some SLP.

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