Axie Infinity Marketplace: How To Trade Axie Infinity NFTs

The Axie Infinity Marketplace is the hub for trading Axie NFTs, with players being able to buy and sell Axie through the marketplace.

The massive success of this play-to-earn game has prompted the world to alter its ways and transform the world of gaming into a successful business endeavour. However, for new players, the Axie Infinity Marketplace can be quite daunting. And, much like Axie Infinity and its servers, it isn't immune to the occasional error, either.

So, here's a look at how to trade Axie Infinity NFTs on the Marketplace.

How To Trade NFTs In Axie Infinity?

To trade NFTs in Axie Infinity, players need to connect their relevant crypto wallets and head over to the Axie Infinity Marketplace to begin.

Once there and connected, you can follow these steps to trade Axie.

  • Connect your crypto wallet to Axie Infinity Marketplace.
  • Purchase AXS, SLP tokens, or any Axie Infinity compatible cryptocurrency from a crypto exchange.
  • Open the Axie Infinity Marketplace, and using the various filters and sorting options, choose the Axie - or Axie Infinity Land - that you want to buy browse through different NFTs and purchase the ones you would like to buy.
  • Click confirm and check your wallet to find the purchased NFTs.

Why Can't I Buy Axie in the Marketplace?

There might be times when the Axie Infinity servers may come under stress due to increased user activity. This could prompt the game to display temporary errors such as a Marketplace failure.

When this happens, some users may run into trouble being able to purchase Axie via the Marketplace. In such cases, you can try:

  • Reboot the system and login into the game again.
  • Connect Axie Infinity to a Ronin wallet.
  • Purchase the Axie again. If it's displaying the marketplace error, change the method of purchasing and try again.
  • If the transaction fails, simply waiting a short period of time until the error is resolved could be the easy option.

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