Axie Infinity Purchase Failed: How To Fix Axie Infinity Marketplace Error

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Given Axie Infinity is among the best NFT games, it's no wonder that errors such as the purchase failed issue keep cropping up, but how do you fix it?

With such tremendous popularity of the game owing to its strong roadmap, for example, Axie users already suffer from server issues from time to time.

So, if you're still facing the purchase failed error, what can you do to start buying Axies again?

How To Fix Purchase Failed Marketplace Error Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity marketplace errors can occasionally pop up due to various reasons

  • Check whether your Ronin wallet is unlocked or not.
  • Fund your wallet with adequate weth
  • The axie might also be bugged sometime which may require the seller to re-list it after removing the initial post. The users can take action against such posts by submitting requests on the support page of the game

To fix the purchase field error, users need to reset their Axie Infinity Ronin Wallet, or add funds to their account.

To reset your wallet, do the following.

  • Reboot the system
  • Login in Axie Infinity account and connect Axie Infinity with Ronin Wallet

Alternatively, Sky Mavis suggests you may need to add more wETH to your account to complete the purchase.

There is also the slight chance that your transaction has actually gone through, but is just taking a while to update.

If the transaction has definitely failed, you should cancel the previous purchase, and try a different purchasing method. However, this should only be attempted if you are sure it has not gone through.

Finally, if your transaction fails again, please try after some time as the server might be still under scheduled maintenance.

As with most games, users speculated the purchase failed error came down to a bug that needed patching. However, the company later clarified that the error is due to a system maintenance issue, which players can easily resolve.

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