Axie Infinity Server Status: How To Check If The Axie Infinity Servers Are Down

Axie Infinity characters fighting in a battle.

Axie Infinity characters fighting in a battle.

Much like more traditional games, Axie Infinity has had its fair share of server issues, but how can you check the server status?

As Axie Infinity continues to grow, particularly with a renewed interest in its Land metaverse potential, users may run into some connection issues as the servers struggle to keep up with the demand. This will also be true in the future. Updates promised on the Axie Infinity roadmap will likely bring in new players, and new bugs.

Here’s how to check if the Axie Infinity servers are down.

How To Check Axie Infinity Server Status

Axie Infinity has no official page dedicated to its server status, but there are plenty of unofficial options to try.

The Axie Infinity Discord server and the r/AxieInfinity subreddit are good starting points to check if other community members have the same server problems as you. If the issues are widespread, players will likely vent their frustrations in these channels.

Additionally, the Discord server includes a #support-updates channel that notifies players of any scheduled maintenance.

However, the Axie Infinity Discord is near its full capacity of 800,000 members. You may need to be patient before getting the chance to join the server.

This Discord server will include official announcements from Axie Infinity, as will the Axie Infinity Twitter. So it’s worth keeping an eye on these platforms, too.

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Aside from these channels, the Axie Infinity information website Axie Zone features a server status tracker that displays the status of both the Marketplace and game server. However, as this is an unofficial source, it’s worth using it alongside other places.

Why Are Axie Infinity Servers Down?

One of the most common reasons for the Axie Infinity server issues stems from server maintenance.

Axie Infinity is still technically in its Alpha phase, with its developers Sky Mavis rolling out new updates pretty frequently.

Sky Mavis has expanded its team since the initial 2021 boom, and now has a team of over 80 staff. With more dedicated engineers and server scaling, this should lead to further server stability.

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