How To Update Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity NFT characters on a grassy terrain looking at a blue sky.
Credit: Sky Mavis

Axie Infinity NFT characters on a grassy terrain looking at a blue sky.
Credit: Sky Mavis

As one of the best NFT games around, Axie Infinity has a packed roadmap of new updates coming in the future, but how do you update the Axie Infinity game?

With both its Axie Infinity NFTs and its Land NFTs attracting attention in 2021, the game has amassed a considerable fan following since its 2018 launch.

Since this launch, Sky Mavis has added many new features, including AXS staking. Let's take a look at recent game updates and what it has in store for players.

How To Update Axie Infinity

Players don't have to do much to update Axie Infinity, with logging out and re-logging in the simplest method to downloading the latest update.

Here's a more comprehensive look at how to update the game:

Update Axie Infinity PC

  • Open Mavis Hub on the computer.
  • Log out of Axie Infinity App.
  • Also, log out of Mavis Hub.
  • Log in again after refreshing the page and click on the "Update" button displayed.

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Update Axie Infinity Android/iOS

  • Log out of the Axie Infinity app.
  • Uninstall the game.
  • Download the app again.
  • Install and play with the updated version.

Axie Infinity Latest Update

Axie Infinity released a patch update for the game on January 10, integrating new features and fixing some in-house bugs to deliver a smooth gaming experience to the users.

The new update offers improved combat animations which are now faster and provide a great battle experience to the users. Similarly, the new update also brings forth better competitive play in Arena mode.

One major update integrated into the game is that Axies will stand on their legs in battle mode. Apart from that, some minor changes include users being able to save their match history on servers as well as the option to decline friend requests.

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