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Axie Infinity Staking: How Does It Work, And When Is The Release Date?

Axie Infinity has fast become one of the most popular play-to-earn NFT games, but how do you stake its native token AXS?

Staking is an essential aspect of many cryptocurrency networks. Cardano staking and Ethereum staking, for example, are necessary to validate transactions on their respective blockchains.

Here’s a look at how Axie Infinity staking works, and when you can start staking AXS.


Axie Infinity Staking Release Date

Axie Infinity’s developers Sky Mavis initially stated its staking system would go live in early 2021, but this has since been pushed back.

Instead, the current Axie Infinity roadmap puts the launch of AXS staking as Q3 2021, which ends in September. However, given this roadmap was last updated in May 2021, it remains subject to change.

On August 3, Sky Mavis said in its development update:

We’re gearing up for a launch of AXS staking. Stay tuned! We won’t give an exact date as there are a few moving parts involved.

As Axie Infinity continues to reach unprecedented levels of popularity for an NFT game, Sky Mavis could further delay the launch of staking as it focuses on other development areas.

How To Stake AXS in Axie Infinity


As staking is not yet live, you cannot currently stake AXS.

We’d expect the AXS staking to operate fairly similarly to other Proof-of-Stake-based networks.

If this is the case, holders will delegate tokens from their Ronin wallet into a pool to increase their chances of being the next block validator.

However, the Axie Infinity whitepaper does lay out some details for when AXS staking goes live.

78,300,000 AXS – or 29% of the total supply will be unlocked via staking over 5.5 years. Staking rewards will start at a higher level to “incentive user growth”, before declining over time.

Stakers will not be able to claim their rewards until after the escrow period of one year concludes.

According to the whitepaper, stakers will also receive additional weekly rewards if they commit to fixed staking periods of either three, six, or 12 months.

We’ll update this page with more details about AXS staking as they come out.

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