How To Buy Land In Axie Infinity

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Axie Infinity land is fast becoming one of the most valuable and sought after digital assets with the rise of the metaverse, but how do you buy it?

The concept of the metaverse has expanded and attracted multiple gaming ventures to monetize this. Axie Infinity is one such game that has progressed massively. It offers incredible financial opportunities to investors, who look forward to earning additional income by playing virtual online games.

Axie Infinity gameplay centres around a mythical kingdom of Lunacia, a fantasy metaverse where each plot or parcel of land is divided into tokenized plots referred to as Terra. These Terras have garnered popularity among investors looking to cultivate their virtual world in Axie Infinity. Here's how to purchase land in Axie Infinity.

How To Buy Land in Axie Infinity

The initial land sale distribution allows Axie Infinity players to own ⅓ of the max total supply of land. Players can buy land via initial land sale purchases, or they can browse through the available plots/parcels of land and select one for themselves.

Moreover, the new land gameplay comes with interesting features including a new Genesis land plot that hosts eccentric and rare characters for users to acquire such as Chimera, Raids, and Bosses.

There are four types of Land in Axie Infinity: Savannah, Forest, Arctic, and Mystic. Each type of land offers special Lunacian land items that the players can use in-game. To purchase the land in Axie Infinity, a player needs to follow these steps:

  • Open your account and wallet on Axie Infinity. Make sure this wallet has the Ethereum (ETH) necessary to make the purchase.
  • Visit the Axie Infinity marketplace.
  • Open the menu and click on Select Land. Here, browse through available listings and select the land that you wish to purchase.
  • Click on the Buy Land option to confirm the transaction.

And that's it! You are now the owner of a Axie Infinity land- the most expensive of which sold for $2.48m in November. With Land Gameplay set to roll out in 2022, players will soon be able to make use of these assets, too.

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