Shiba Inu Lands: Virtual Real Estate Announced For SHIB Metaverse

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Shiba Inu logo over land and fields
Credit: Unsplash/Gautier Pfeiffer

Shiba Inu Coin has announced its Lands virtual real estate, allowing token holders to own part of the Shiberse metaverse.

Announcing the land in a blog post on February 9, Shiba Inu said LEASH holders will be given priority in a queue for Shiberse Lands.

Here's what we know about the Shiba Inu Lands so far.

Shiba Metaverse Land Announced

Inspired by the likes of Axie Infinity land, the Shiba Inu metaverse will include virtual real estate that holders can buy or sell.

While Shiba Inu has yet to confirm the perks of owning land in its metaverse, it said: "Owning a piece of Shiba Real Estate will bring an array of benefits."

The cryptocurrency also is yet to give a solid release date for its land release. It states the auction for land will happen "really soon", and will occur ahead of the full metaverse land.

To prevent gas fee and botting issues present in the Shiboshi NFT launch,  the Shiba team said it is working on a queue system for its land release. This will "[make] the process something fair and smooth for our community worldwide," it said.

LEASH holders will also gain priority access to the queue for the first phase of the Lands plot release. It will then open to the wider public.

This is the latest example of upcoming use-cases for LEASH and BONE, two other tokens in the Shiba ecosystem. BONE will be used in Shibarium and the Doggy DAO, for example.

Shiba developer Eric M teased this LEASH support in a tweet on February 7. "Hold your dog's leash like a pro," he said.

We'll keep this page updated with more information about the Shiba Inu Lands as it comes. The Shiba team said it will reveal further information on the metaverse, including its official name, later this month, so we could expect more information then.

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