Axie Infinity Origin: Axie Battles v3 Release Date And Latest News

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May 25, 2022: Updated to reflect the new changes announced in the Axie Infinity gaming ecosystem

Popular play-to-earn game Axie Infinity yet again is expanding its gaming ecosystem by introducing Axie Infinity: Origin, or Axie Battles v3.

The new version is set to include major new updates, user interface, sophisticated game mechanics, and graphics to keep the users engaged and entertained for years to come.

Axie Infinity: Origin is being launched with a vision to broaden the Axie ecosystem. Here's what we know so far.

Axie Infinity: Origin Release Date

As unveiled by the Axie developers in its announcement post, Axie Infinity: Origin is set for launch on April 7, 2022.


However, the team had earlier clarified that the game may still require initial updates to enhance the gameplay.


The release plan further includes an Alpha launch of Origin which will make the game available to global community users via Android APKs and Mavis Hub.

Sky Mavis did, however, acknowledge that Origin is still in its infancy. This means it will require valuable customer feedback to make necessary changes ahead of launch. Season 0 will release ahead of the full launch to integrate core updates based on feedback received.

As we've seen with many projects on the Axie Infinity roadmap, such as the release of land gameplay, delays are a common occurrence. We'll wait until a full release date before getting ready to jump into the game.

Axie Infinity: Origin: Latest News

The official release plan unveiled by the developers includes some major details about the upcoming Axie Infinity: Origin launch.

As far as the game mechanics are concerned, users are able to use the Axies that they own in Origin, and will also have access to special features such as Sequential Turns (letting Axis attack as soon as the cards are played).


Along with that, the team is also launching a new meta combination in which new cards related to the eyes and ears of Axie will be added. Axie Infinity: Origin will also introduce runes and charms as power-ups to let Axies enhance their gameplay statistics and fight with their full ability. A feature called Random critical hits is being removed by the Axie team and will be introducing card-play mechanics such as "rage" accumulated by Axies during the game.

Axie Infinity Origin's team has recently shared a new feature added to the gaming ecosystem. The team has launched new mouth cards that are categorized under four labels namely, Aquatic, Beast, Plant, Bird, Bug, and reptile. The team has also announced that these cards are "dynamic and that they "will change over time based on feedback from the community and data we collect around relative power."

Recent sources confirm that the Axie Infinity Origin gameplay will roll out its first update for desktop computers. Later on, another update with more features will be released for all mobile platforms. The game is slated to release on April 7, 2022, and has also released an android app for Axie Infinity Origin gameplay.

The team is also working towards implementing new changes and features to make the Axie Infinity Origin Gameplay more immersive for users. The Axie Team is currently working on a few things including the mobile APK release followed by periodic bug fixes and upgrades. The team is also working on designing AXS leaderboard reward in Origin as well as SLP in Origin followed by introducing Runes and Charms in the game.

The game is ramping up efforts to popularize the ecosystem and gain the top position in the world of P2E gaming. The game will soon host Axiecon in September, a physical gathering in Barcelona Spain, for the axie community members to reconnect and forge new community connections based on similar interests and concerns.

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