Axie Infinity Origin: Axie Battles v3 Release Date And Latest News

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July 27, 2022: Updated with the latest news on Axie Infinity: Origin.

Popular play-to-earn game Axie Infinity yet again is expanding its gaming ecosystem by introducing Axie Infinity: Origin, or Axie Battles v3.

The new version includes major new updates, user interface, sophisticated game mechanics, and graphics to keep the users engaged and entertained for years to come.

Whether you've just started to download Axie Infinity: Origin first, or have checked out the best Axie Infinity team, here's the latest on the new Axie game.

Axie Infinity: Origin Release Date

As unveiled by the Axie developers in its announcement post, Axie Infinity: Origin launched on April 7, 2022.

However, the team had earlier clarified that the game may still require initial updates to enhance the gameplay.

As we've seen with many Axie projects, such as the release of land gameplay, delays are a common occurrence. However, this launch went pretty smoothly as Axie Infinity transitioned into its full release.

Axie Infinity: Origin: Latest News

Going further into the life of Axie Infinity: Origin, Sky Mavis continues to release new information about the game.

The latest major update came in the July 15 patch, where Sky Mavis implemented several bug fixes, password and UI improvements, and gave a sticker to those participating in the Alpha Season.

Sky Mavis has also launched a Community Origin Feedback spreadsheet that includes countless suggestions by the community. This public document has requests ranging from simple bug fixes, to balancing suggestions and UX improvements.

And finally, Sky Mavis is ramping up towards its in-person AxieCon event. Set to take place from September 7-10 in Barcelona, Sky Mavis states:

AxieCon will be a time for us to gather as a community to discuss our mission, vision, priorities, and product roadmap while meeting our past, present, and future allies in the community.

There's plenty more still set to come on the Axie Infinity roadmap, too.

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