Axie Infinity Best Team: Best Axie Infinity Team Combo In Current Meta

Axie Infinity Best Team

The Axie infinity best team combinations are the latest internet fixation, with users being more aware of the combos to select that will help them lead the game ahead.

While the Axie infinity roadmap continues to expand, with Sky Mavis launching Axie Infinity Origin and making preparation for Land Gameplay, users are searching for the best teams to help them win. With Season 21 now out, the new team combinations are the latest talk of the town, enabling users to organise their team with the best Axie combinations.

These combinations work best in many ways to help users navigate tough battles and increase their chances of victory. While nothing is guaranteed, of course, let's take a look at what the current Axie meta is.

Best Axie Infinity Team Combo In Current Meta

Axie Infinity is the latest P2E game that allows users to earn and breed Axies, a special in-game character that can be used as a shield, as well as to lead the in-game battles.

The Axies come in six diverse forms or types. These are Aquatic, Beast, Bird, Bug, Dawn, Dusk, Plant, and Reptile.

These Axies play a crucial role in the game and are divided into two categories. Defender Axies help in protecting the squad against unprecedented battles. Attacker Axies, which help the squad in leading the game ahead through initiating wars and combats.

An able squad needs to possess a perfect mix of both Attacker and Defender Axies to scale the game and acquire bonus points that can help them dominate gameplay.

Many r/AxieInfinity users have highlighted the best Axie combinations that can be lethal in facing an enemy squad.

Bird, Aqua, Aqua

One of the best combinations according to the Reddit community, is the Bird, Aqua, Aqua combo. Known also as AAB, this team can particularly frustrate players through its healing capacity.

Through this combination, your axies can help defend and attack your enemy squad with equal intensity and balance.

Plant, Aqua, Reptile

Another powerful combination, this line-up works best if the player wants to attack the enemy first-hand.

With PAR, players can use their Plant Axie as a shield and using the Reptile and Aqua axies to attack.

Dusk, Dusk, Plant

This DPP combination works when a player decides to attack its enemies via a Plant Axie. Alongside this they can then defend their Axies by using the double power of the Dusk Axies.

Plant, Beast, Bird

This is another noteworthy combination that can prove extremely powerful.

A player can use Plant Axies to shield the team, while Beast and Bird combination can help initiate attacks towards the enemy.

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