Axie Infinity App Release Date: When Will The Axie App Launch?

Axie Infinity app on iPhone
Credit: Sky Mavis

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Axie Infinity is set to launch its independent app in the future, but when is the much-anticipated Axie app's release date for iOS and Android?

With new updates coming to Axie Infinity at a rapid rate, new players continue to explore one of the best NFT games available in 2022.

The ambitious Axie Infinity roadmap released outlines a comprehensive timeline for the game. Let's take a look at more details concerning the much anticipated Axie Infinity app launch.

Axie Infinity App Release Date

Axie Infinity developer Sky Mavis has yet to give a concrete release date for its iOS and Android app, but it remains expected that this app will launch at some point in 2022.

This doesn't mean you cannot play Axie Infinity on a mobile device. The creators of Axie Infinity earlier launched a test iOS version of the game in March 2021. However, this version expired in October.

This prompted the creation of a new third-party application for the Axie Infinity userbase. Players can still gain access to the game through APKs, or the web-based version.

Axie Infinity Road Map: Upcoming Features

The roadmap that includes the iOS and Android application launch also lists other upcoming features for Axie Infinity.

The mythical kingdom of Lucia has been upgraded to new features, which also include the launch of land gameplay. According to the creators, land gameplay "is so important for the future of the community, economy, and we want to make sure it provides the experience you deserve."

The roadmap also outlines the launch of SDK Alpha. This will enable users to access a map editor in which players can use Axie Infinity assets to create games.

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